WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Before the match begins, Drew McIntyre says tonight’s show has started a little depressing, but last week Matt and Reby had their third child. He then says the child is cross-eyed, but at least we know he is the father.

Drew says inside the ring, Matt has always been great, but outside the ring, he hasn’t always made the best decisions and Drew questions if it is a good idea for him to reproduce. McIntyre then says he will give him a chance to leave to fight another day, but as Drew steps into the ring, Matt catches him with a Twist of Fate.

After the commercial, the match officially begins and Hardy continues to take the fight to Drew. The two men spill to the outside and Hardy aims to hit another Twist of Fate but Drew charges him into the steel steps to take control.

Back in the ring, McIntyre lights up Matt with a huge chop but he then gets caught out as he flies into the ring post with Hardy following it up with a side effect. Hardy then rolls through to try to get a pinfall victory but Drew reverses and nails Hardy with a huge DDT. He follows it up with the Claymore Kick, and just like that the match is done.

Winner: Drew McIntyre


We are then shown a clip from earlier today with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair backstage. Flair says she doesn’t like Lynch, but right now she doesn’t like The Kabuki Warriors and asks if she would be interested in being Becky Two Belts again.

Lynch says she would rather take them on two-on-one instead, which she is going to do tonight.

We are then shown Kevin Owens once again as he continues to look for AOP, and he bumps into Mojo Rawley. Mojo jokes around about which way AOP went, which leads to Owens slapping the taste right out of his mouth.


Erik says that for weeks they have been searching for worthy opponents, as Ivar says all they have encountered are victims. Erik reveals they are issuing an open challenge to any team who thinks that they can take their gold. Who will answer the challenge…The Street Profits!

Montez Ford and Erik kickstart the match and he instantly avoids Erik’s running knee attempt, before knocking Ivar off the rope. Angelo Dawkins tags in and takes out Erik again as Ford flies over the top rope to take down Ivar.

Back in the ring and Ford hits a Frog Splash to Erik, but Ivar is able to stop the pinfall happening and Montez ends up taking too long in his next move, allowing the champions to get back in control. Ford and Ivar both hit several cartwheels to avoid each other, but as Montez starts going crazy he walks into a spinning back heel kick.

Montez is able to finally get a tag though and Dawkins hits a dropkick and then a huge suplex to Ivar as he shows his own strength. They then try hit a double team but Ivar runs through it, springboarding off the ropes backwards to hit both his opponents.

Erik then catches Montez Ford with his huge knee strike as they then set up the Viking Experience to defend their titles.

Winners (and still champions): The Viking Raiders


After the two tag teams show each other some respect, Seth Rollins makes his way down to the ring. He says there is something he needs to take care of right now, and they’re more than welcome to stay as he does it, but both teams opt to leave.

Rollins says he needs to finish business with the AOP, and claims he wants to fight them right here, right now. It isn’t AOP who answers his call though, as Kevin Owens makes his way out to the ring. Seth says this doesn’t concern Owens, but he tells him not to worry, as his steel pipe isn’t for him…yet.

KO says he knows the plan is for them three to beat the hell out of him, and Rollins says he has no association with them. But as they continue to bicker, a car is shown pulling up backstage and AOP arrive!

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