WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Seth and Kevin continue to argue after the commercial, but Rollins ends up getting out of the ring. He says nothing he will do will convince KO, so what he needs to do is leave, and he wishes Owens good luck. Owens says that won’t save him, because when he is done with AOP, he is coming to find them.

AOP is then shown on the titantron, but they talk in a foreign language so we don’t understand. Owens once again tells them to just come down as he wants a fight… but it is Sam Zayn who answers the call. He arrives with Mojo Rawley, and he says he knows he isn’t supposed to be on Raw, but he has got around the rules by getting a managerial licence to go back and forth.

Sami says Kevin knows he isn’t a manager… he is a liberator. He sets people free and he knows that Owens is a prisoner in his own head. Sami says what KO did to Mojo was way out of line as he humiliated him. Sami wants Owens to apologize to Mojo, who then gets irate and screams at him to look at Sami when he talks.

Sami says he wouldn’t talk to him like that when he has a steel pipe in his hands, and Mojo says everyone is tough with a steel pipe in their hands. KO wants to test out the theory so he throws the pipe to Mojo and then hits a Stunner.

KO then unleashes all his frustrations on Mojo as he beats him down with the steel pipe.


Before the match, it is announced that Black will face Buddy Murphy this Sunday at WWE TLC. When the match begins, Akira Tozawa starts off being happy enough taking the fight to him, but Black has an answer for everything early on, working the arm of the former Cruiserweight.

Black ends up hitting his trademark sitdown pose and Akira tries to take advantage but Black comes alive by catching Tozawa with several forearms and strikes. Tozawa continues to fight though, sending Black to the outside, but as he dives to continue the attack, Black catches him with a massive knee. Back in the ring, it is Black Mass and a victory.

Winner: Aleister Black


Backstage, Humberto Carrillo speaks with Charly Caruso, but before the questions are asked, Zelina Vega charges in with Andrade and the two men begin a huge shoving match.

We are then shown a video package promising a ‘Liv Morgan Makeover.’


Straight from the bell, Andrade takes down Humberto Carrillo and beats down on him, showing some real aggression, hitting a huge back body drop to Humberto. The upcoming talent tries to mount some of his own offences, but Andrade denies that with an elbow and continues dominating.

Carrillo finally turns things around when he is launched into the air, jumping onto the ropes and hitting a crossbody instead. Humberto then hits his trademark arm drag and heads to the ring post as he flies to the outside with a moonsault to take down Andrade.

Back from commercial and another high crossbody and then a kick to the face keeps Humberto in charge as he then hits another moonsault, getting a two-count for his work. Andrade manages to turn things around yet again though, but as he goes for his double knees, Humberto moves.

He follows that up with a missile dropkick, and he hits the Aztec Press, but he doesn’t fully connect and Andrade is able to kick out. Carrillo then rocks Andrade with an elbow, but Andrade then hits one of his own which is even more vicious, almost getting a three-count.

Andrade goes for a moonsault of his own, but Humberto avoids it moving into the corner, which allows Andrade to hit the double knees. However, as he looks to do it again, Humberto connects with a huge dropkick. Vega then gets onto the ring apron, but Andrade accidentally bumps into her, sending Vega flying which allows Humberto to get a roll-up victory!

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

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