WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Buddy Murphy takes control right from the start, hitting a huge kick to Zack Ryder as he dominates the early exchanges.Murphy ends up being caught out though and Ryder is able to set up and connect with the Broski Boot, sending Murphy to the outside.

Murphy responds with a cheap shot to Curt Hawkins on the outside as Ryder flies out the ring feet first, connecting with Murphy. But as he checks on his partner, Murphy gets back into the ring and is able to hit Murphy’s Law as soon as Ryder returns.

Winner: Buddy Murphy


Backstage, Kevin Owens is shown as he finds AOP’s van, which he begins smashing up with the steel pipe he was given earlier. KO eventually breaks into the van but as he gets in, AOP appears from behind and attack him. Seth Rollins is then shown sitting inside AOP’s van and he hits a Stomp to Owens on the concrete floor.

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