WWE Monday Night Raw Results



Seth Rollins then comes out to the ramp and asks the fans what they want from him. He says we used to get along, but somewhere it all went wrong, and he is trying to work out why. Rollins says he did everything right, he doesn’t take nights off, he works through injuries, he lays it all on the line for everyone.

Seth says he gets spit on and disrespected and he is sick of it. Rollins said he told everyone he had nothing to do with the AOP, and that was the truth, but that isn’t good enough for the fans. Rollins says he let it slide, he tried to tell everyone the same again tonight, and it was the truth.

However, once again the truth wasn’t good enough, so he wants to know what he has to do. Rollins says he has beaten Brock Lesnar twice, bringing the title back to Raw for the fans and it still wasn’t enough. Seth says it is time for him to push back.

Seth says the fans fiction has been turned into fact, it has turned him to stand side by side with the AOP, who both now arrive as well. Kevin Owens is then shown backstage on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance.


Becky Lynch quickly attacks Asuka, beating down on her in the corner, but Asuka quickly rolls to the outside to get a breather. However, as Asuka gets back into the ring her strikes prove to be too much as she gains control for the first time.

Kairi Sane then tags in and continues to keep Becky Lynch grounded, but The Man eventually bursts off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. Lynch tries to stop the tag but Asuka returns, only for Lynch to send her to the outside, following it up with a dropkick.

However, as she puts Asuka back in the ring she is able to make a tag. Lynch does a great job of fighting off both women though, eventually hitting a Becksploder to Kairi as she then takes down both Asuka and Sane in the same move.

The Man then scales to the top rope but Asuka is quick to grab her foot which allows Sane to slap Lynch and drag her back down. Kairi then goes for the Insane Elbow Drop but Lynch avoids it and then sends Asuka flying across the ring herself.

The Man then tries to hit a leg drop to Asuka but she gets caught in the Asuka Lock, but Becky battles out of it and ends up locking in the exact same move into Asuka. With Lynch having the move locked in tight, Kairi pulls the women out by their feet.

Lynch continues to fight, sending Sane into the barricade, but the numbers game catches up eventually with Lynch being hit by a knee from Asuka. Lynch just manages to beat the count but is caught with the Shining Wizard upon her return.

The numbers game then proves to be too much for Lynch, as Asuka hoists her up on her shoulders as Sane flies from the top rope to hit a massive forearm, but somehow the Women’s Champion kicks out. Sane then goes for her finisher, but Lynch gets her feet up and she tries to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her, but Asuka gets back involved.

Lynch takes out Asuka and finally locks in her submission but Asuka is able to drag Kairi out of the ring. Asuka then grabs a chair and lets out her frustrations, attacking The Man to end the match.

The Kabuki Warriors then set up a table on the outside and Kairi Sane hits a huge Insane Elbow from the top rope to the outside, crashing through the table and leaving Lynch laying.


Backstage Charlotte Flair confronts Becky again, and Lynch this time agrees that she will help Flair out. However, as she leaves, Flair is attacked by the tag team champions who use a chair to take down the Queen.

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