January 6th, 2020


We kick off the first WWE Raw of 2020 with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, with the advocate claiming that the Beast is going to kick off the new decade by making history. Heyman claims that Brock Lesnar was wondering who would challenge him for his WWE Championship, adding that nobody on the roster is worthy.

Heyman points out people said that when Lesnar faced The Undertaker, but he ended the streak. Heyman teases a dream match, so he says every single challenger at the Royal Rumble can have him.

Paul Heyman then announces that Brock Lesnar, is entering the Royal Rumble match! Heyman then adds that Lesnar will enter the Rumble match, first! Heyman says that Brock might take the ring first, but he will also be standing victorious, in the ring, last.

Paul adds that Brock Lesnar will conquer the Royal Rumble and that’s not a prediction… that’s a spoiler!


Rey Mysterio is then shown in the Gorilla Position where he thanks his son for keeping him competing against the best of the best. He puts over Andrade as one of the best but says he doesn’t deserve to be champion and that’s why tonight he is taking the title back.

Right from the bell the two men take the fight to each other, with Mysterio sending the champion outside as he then slides out of the ring, catching him again sending Andrade flying. Back in the ring, Andrade catches Mysterio on his shoulders, and the two men then go over the top rope with Rey still on his shoulders.

On the outside, Rey smartly reverses the champion and launches Andrade head-first into the stairs. Rey tries to springboard back into the ring to keep his momentum going, yet he is caught by a dropkick from Andrade in mid-air.

However, as we return from commercial is is the challenger back in control as he catches Andrade off the top rope. Mysterio then goes for a springboard moonsault but gets caught by Andrade, however, the veteran smartly turns it into a huge DDT, and almost gets the victory!

Andrade then catches Rey on the top rope and tries to hit his double stomp onto the apron, by Rey avoids it leaving the champion to fall awkwardly on the outside. Rey slides under the bottom rope and tries to hit a sunset flip powerbomb, but Andrade rolls through and catches Rey with a double knee.

Andrade then tries to mimic Eddie Guerrero, with the three suplexes, but Rey reverses and sets up the 619. However this time it’s Andrade’s time to reverse with a smart elbow to the face. The tide turns immediately once again though as Mysterio plants Andrade and gets the victory!

However, Zelina Vega pops up Andrade’s foot on the bottom rope and the official restarts the match.

After commercial the match is back underway as Andrade misses wildly with a knee in the corner, leading to Mysterio leaping off the ring apron to hit a hurricinrana, sending the champion into the barricade in the process. The two men then end up on the ring apron trading shots until Mysterio hits a huge powerbomb, sending Andrade crashing into the ring post.

Mysterio hits a springboard leg drop as he returns to the ring, but once again Andrade just manages to kick out. Rey then leaps off the second rope, but this time he’s caught and Andrade plants him face-first onto the mat, and this time Rey is the one kicking out at the last second.

Andrade then goes for his running knees but misses, which allows Mysterio to set up and connect with the 619! Rey then climbs to the top rope, but Andrade manages to roll out of the ring.

Mysterio runs off the apron to take out Andrade, who catches him and then launches him headfirst into Zelina Vega.

Rey then gets sent crashing into the steel steps and they get into the ring as Andrade looks for the Hammerlock DDT, but the official randomly gets in the middle and actually stops the move happening.

Rey then goes to the outside to check on Zelina but as he returns to the ring, the champion hits the Hammerlock DDT to get the victory.

Winner (and still US Champion): Andrade

To add insult to injury, Andrade then rips off the mask of Mysterio.

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