WWE Raw Results (2/25): Roman Reigns Makes Monumental Announcement, Ric Flair’s 70th Birthday Celebration


Live Coverage By Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We start the show with a video package showing Roman Reigns’ announcement that he has Leukemia.


And to start the show, we have Roman Reigns!!! Reigns looks to be in good health and good shape. He stands at the top of the ramp to take it all in and he is all smiles. The crowd chants HEAVILY for Roman, as he is emotionally basking in the atmosphere that he left behind just a few months ago. He embraces his wife ringside, in addition to the Rock’s mother, Ata. Roman finally makes his way to the ring (10 minute entrance) before the music stops. The crowd is going insane for him, as they chant his name. Roman is clearly emotionally smiling, looking around the crowd, incredulous.

The crowd chants “WELCOME BACK” for the Big Dog, as he grabs a mic. Roman starts off by saying “Thank you.” He tells the crowd that he missed them, and there is no other job like this. There is no other fanbase like the WWE Universe. He says that he is a man of faith, but before his announcement in October, he was terrified. He was insecure and he didn’t know if he wanted to share that secret with the world. The crowd is hardly letting him talk as they are too loud for him. He says he didn’t know how the crowd would react. By the time he got home, the outreach was overwhelming. The amount of thoughts, blessings, prayers was a godsend. He says that anyone who liked him and disliked him was giving him his support.

He says that the strength that the crowd gave him, he could do anything with that kind of strength and love. That gave him life and a new purpose. He says in the WWE, a lot of young superstars’ purpose is to win titles and show what they have. He says that if he can step into the ring, he is going to use the platform to raise awareness and support those in need. He says he wants to swing for the fences, and he did better than that. He didn’t just swing for the fences, he hit a homerun. He is so grateful, honored, and humble to announce this……

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The good news….he’s in remission!!!! The crowd is going INSANE! He says with that being said, THE BIG DOG IS BACK!!! The crowd chants “WELCOME BACK”. He thanks the crowd again, and tells the crowd he loves them.

BURN IT DOWN!!!! Out comes Seth, who embraces Roman at the top of the ramp. The two hug it out and are clearly emotional, as we go to the first commercial!


The Revival does a great job slowing down Ricochet, but Ricochet jumps over WIlder and gets to Black. Black is so fast as he delivers kick after knee after kick. He jumps on the second rope and springboard moonsaults onto Dash Wilder. Dawson tries for a sunset flip from the middle rope and goes for a pin, but both men get up and Dawson FLOORS Black with a DDT.

Wilder goes the top, but Ricochet pulls him from the apron and sends him to the floor. Ricochet runs off the apron and kicks off the post to moonsault onto Dash WIlder. In the ring, Dawson gets up and runs into a Black Mass from Ricochet to pick up the victory.

Winners: Ricochet & Aleister Black


Baron Corbin is asked about how he reacted and treated Roman when he left. Corbin denies saying them, but Charly Caruso says the have the footage. Corbin says that things may have been taken out of context, but he was under a lot of stress. Caruso asks him if he’s saying that Corbin’s job was more stressful than Reigns’ fight with Leukemia. Corbin says that simply he hopes that Roman doesn’t cross paths with him.

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