WWE Raw Results (2/5): Matches With Elimination Chamber Implications, Competitors Announced For Women’s Elimination Chamber



The Miz comes out with Bo Dallas and he immediately puts his hand up immediately. “When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut!” The Miz says that 2018 is the year of The Miz. He says that in his first match back at Raw 25, he regained the Intercontinental Championship from Roman Reigns. The very next week, he defeated Roman Reigns again. He says that Roman is one of the best ever, and yet he still couldn’t contend with The Miz. He said that before the Superbowl, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson showed his team a video of The Miz’s match to motivate them. He says it’s not over, because tonight he will qualify to eventually face the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. Because he will go onto WrestleMania, and his newborn daughter will be able to witness it all happen. Heck of a promo.

The match begins fast and furious and both men go for many pinning combinations, hitting reversal after reversal. Crews hits a leaping back elbow, knocking Miz to the ground. Apollo picks up Miz and puts him in a military press, and drops Miz on his stomach. He sets up for his standing moonsault, but Miz is able to get his knees up. Miz locks in a sleeper, but Apollo fights his way up to his feet, and Miz sends him of the ropes, but Crews is able to hit a clothesline and kips his way to his feet. Miz gets up and Crews hits an Enziguri, and goes for the cover, but Miz kicks out at two. Miz reverses an Irish whip and sends Crews into the corner, and goes for his clothesline, but Crews catches him, and hits a spinning back suplex, which looked fantastic. Crews hits a standing moonsault, then follows it up with a standing shooting star and goes for the cover, but Miz JUST kicks out at 2. Crews hops to the top rope but Miz hurries to knock him off and hangs up Apollo on the ropes. Crews is stunned long enough to hit Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale, and gets the pin. Great match!

Winner: The Miz


Backstage, Seth Rollins is on his way to the ring, and he sees Jason Jordan with the medical team and Kurt Angle. Seth asks what is going on, and Kurt says for Jordan to tell him. Jordan says that he was warming up and he messed up something in his neck. He says that the came to see the medical team, and they won’t let him compete. Angle confirms the information, and Seth is left wondering what he is going to do and Kurt says he has to forfeit the match against Sheamus & Cesaro. Seth is upset but catches someone out of the corner of his eye. Roman Reigns comes in, and Seth looks at Kurt. They both smile and Seth and Roman head out to the ring.


Seth Rollins and Sheamus start the match, and we get Seth bouncing off the ropes and hits a crossbody and then starts hitting Sheamus with multiple fists to the face before he scurries out to tag Cesaro. Cesaro comes out and hits a big European uppercut, and then start to use multiple tags to wear out Rollins. They stomp on Rollins in the corner in tandem, but Seth is able to sneak out and tag in Reigns who takes out both Cesaro & Sheamus. Rollins goes for a suicide dive on Sheamus while Reigns sets up for a Superman punch on Cesaro. Rollins is caught in mid air and Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker, distracting Reigns, and then Cesaro hits Reigns with a big European uppercut in the corner.

Sheamus is now in the ring with Reigns, and he locks in a rear chin lock on Reigns, slowing him down and cutting the ring in half. Reigns gets up, but Sheamus locks in a headlock and reaches for Cesaro, who comes back in and kicks Reigns in the midsection. Cesaro chokes Reigns on the second rope, and the referee admonishes Cesaro, which gives Sheamus the chance to kick a hung up Reigns right in the face. Sheamus and Cesaro hit their tandem white noise finisher ,but some how Reigns kicks out. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer on Reigns, but Reigns fights out and back body drops Cesaro and starts crawling towards Rollins, but Sheamus comes in and knocks Rollins off the apron, but Sheamus turns around into a Superman punch!

All men are down and Jason Jordan makes his way to the ring to help Rollins up, and Rollins gets up and gets tagged in and hits Cesaro with a Slingblade and then a suicide dive on Sheamus. Rollins gets back in the ring and Cesaro hits a thumb poke to the eye, and the referee is distracted by Sheamus and Jason Jordan grabs Cesaro’s leg, which allows Rollins to knock down Cesaro. For whatever reason this angered Roman Reigns, and he asked Jason Jordan to leave. Reigns and Rollins set up for the Shield Bomb, but Cesaro is helped by Sheamus to escape and they grab the championships and start to leave. Jason Jordan blocks their way, and argues with The Bar, before Cesaro throws a right hand, which is blocked by Jordan, and Jordan hits Cesaro, effectively disqualifying Rollins & Reigns.

Winners and STILL WWE Raw Tag Team Champions: The Bar

After the match, Jordan apologizes to Rollins, and Roman and Seth are visibly angered by Jason’s involvement.

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