WWE Raw Results (2/5): Matches With Elimination Chamber Implications, Competitors Announced For Women’s Elimination Chamber



Ladies and gentlemen…Elias.

Elias starts by playing some music on his guitar. He has gotten so much better since his days in NXT. He actually plays some good music before asking the audience…Who wants to walk with Elias?? The crowd cheers heavily, and Elias says it’s a strong response from such a no name town. He says that he usually flies over small towns like this looking for something better. He says with the Elimination Chamber coming, he will solidify himself being the final entrant at the Elimination Chamber and then he will give his greatest performance ever at the grandest stage of them all. He says that WWE stands for Walk With Elias, and that he turned down a Superbowl performance to come to this God forsaken wasteland, which was clearly a mistake. He starts to sing but the crowd starts to heavily boo, before he is interrupted by John Cena.


Elias quickly gets out of the ring, leaving John Cena and Braun Strowman in the ring. Cena starts to hit Strowman with fists, but Strowman answers back with a boot. Elias gets back in the ring and Strowman starts throwing him around the ring. Strowman is left alone in the ring, surveying his destruction. He comes out and hits each man with a headbutt, before throwing Elias and Cena back in the ring.

Strowman gets back in the ring and Cena and Elias start to work together, Cena with right hands and Elias with jumping knees and they knock Strowman out of the ring. They send Strowman first into the barricade, and then into the steps. Cena picks up the steps to knock them into Strowman, and he is still on his feet, and then Elias hits Strowman with his guitar and Strowman is STILL on his feet, and then Cena picks up Strowman and delivers an Attitude Adjustment onto the steel steps!

Elias takes the opportunity to attack Cena from behind and throws Cena back in the ring. Elias hits Cena with a backbreaker and then locks in a rear chin lock. Cena fights his way up and bounces off the ropes, and hits two shoulder blocks, and then a back body drop. Cena looks exhausted, and Strowman comes in and surprises Cena with a running powerslam. Elias gets up quickly and tosses Strowman out of the ring. Elias takes advantage of a downed Cena and goes for the cover to steal the win!

Winner: Elias!

Strowman gets back in the ring and hits Elias with a running powerslam, then picks up Cena and hits him with another running powerslam. Strowman plays to the crowd and the crowd wants more. Strowman hits each man with one more running powerslam, and he makes his way to the back!

Overall a good Raw! This is two weeks in a row. If they do it again next week, that could be a streak. It’s been a while, but it has happened before!

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