WWE Raw Results (8/26): King Of The Ring Continues, A New Tag Team Is Formed, More


AUGUST 26TH, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com


We kick off tonight’s WWE Raw with the Legit Boss, Sasha Banks, who is apparently here to explain her actions since returning to the company. Sasha says that everybody wants to know why and where she has been, saying that for four months she has been gone, out of sight, minding her own business.

Banks says all she has heard is her name, how she threw a fit, which she says she did, she also says she was crying on the WrestleMania locker room floor and did take her ball home, claiming that she was relegated to a WrestleMania tag team match that she didn’t care about whilst Becky Lynch headlined WrestleMania.

Banks says she went on a couple of amazing vacations with her WrestleMania paycheck and she came back with a plan, and that is where Natalya came in, at the perfect moment. Banks says that Becky Lynch came to save the day right on queue, and everyone saw what happened to her and now she is the centre of attention, as she deserves.

Banks claims she is the standard of the division, and she is the boss of it because she is the talk of it and she deserves all of this glory. However, before Banks can continue Natalya makes her way to the ring and the two women begin brawling outside the ring.

Despite the officials best efforts, the two women continue brawling, throwing fists, despite the fact they are scheduled to compete later on tonight in singles action.


Backstage The Street Profits are shown discussing the opening segment, claiming that tonight’s show will be LIT, promoting the rest of the matches for the show, questioning what a Tag Team Turmoil match is, going through the rules and the teams, which includes Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.


Drew McIntyre shows his power early as Ricochet attempts to use his speed to his advantage, but he runs his way into a huge chop which McIntyre follows up by launching him across the ring, which is then followed by another massive chop to the chest.

The former United States Champion then smartly sends Drew to the outside, but the Scottish wrestler manages to avoid his aerial attack and then drops him onto the barricade which he follows by dropping him spine-first onto the ring apron from the stairs.

As we return from the commercial it is McIntyre in clear control, continuing to work on the back of the highflier, despite Ricochet’s best attempts to fight back, which he eventually does with a big step-up enziguri. Ricochet then trips McIntyre into the second turnbuckle and follows it smartly with a missile dropkick, sending Drew outside again.

This time Ricochet’s aerial attempt lands, taking down McIntyre and himself on the outside. Ricochet then gets caught again by McIntyre’s power who plants him down face-first into the ring, but Ricochet is able to kick out and keep the match alive.

Ricochet then somehow manages to catch McIntyre and hits a Northern Lights Suplex, which he looks to follow through with, yet Drew reverses and once again just throws Ricochet across the ring. However the highflier continues to battle through and connects with a standing shooting star press, and this time it is Drew being forced to kick out to stay in the match.

Ricochet heads up to the top rope but Drew stops him and levels him with a massive right hand which he follows up by trying to launch him into the steel steps, but Ricochet leaps over and then responds with a big strike to the head of the Scotsman.

Ricochet then attempts to dive over the steps into Drew, but he reverses with a huge Glasgow Kiss, but as Drew looks for a Claymore it is Ricochet’s time to reverse with some big kicks, but McIntyre doesn’t stand for them for too long with a huge clothesline and powerbomb, but Ricochet somehow stays in the match.

The two men continue to battle and Ricochet is eventually able to leap from the top rope and catch Drew with a Recoil and he follows it up with a 630 to get the victory to advance.

Winner: Ricochet (he will face Samoa Joe in the Quarter-Finals)

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