WWE RAW Results (3/16): Stone Cold Celebrates 3:16 Day, Styles And The Undertaker Make It Official, Edge Lays Out A Challenge


MARCH 16, 2020


We start the show with Jerry The King Lawler, Byron Saxton, & Tom Phillips in the middle of the ring explaining what we’re going to see tonight, including a very unique show and Stone Cold Steve Austin. We then kick it to a video of AJ Styles’ comments last week about the Undertaker, and we hear about their contract signing later in the night. Jerry Lawler once again says that Steve Austin is there, and we also hear that Edge is going to be there….

“YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME…” Edge enters the Performance Center and makes his way to the ring. He says that it has been a strange few months for his wife Beth and him. Edge says that he knew all those years ago when he met him that their paths would intertwine. Forming Rated RKO, destroying DX, exchanging stories, finding out that they disliked the same people. They were even both mentored by Mick Foley, who wanted to push them and grab the ring. One thing that Edge learned that Randy Orton never did was about GRIT. Grit made him come back after 9 years to take back what he wants in his life.

Randy is very talented, but he had all of this handed to him on a silver platter. And Randy is jealous that Edge had to work for everything and got it. His mother was a single parent who BROKE HER BACK to give him what he needed. And after 9 years of being gone, Edge came back and threw Randy out of the Royal Rumble. Randy doesn’t love him, he is just jealous. What Randy doesn’t know is that Beth was out there two weeks ago to retire for Edge, because Beth didn’t think Edge deserved to have to retire from what he loved…twice.

But Randy pulled him out of a hole and from making a horrible decision. So it’s pretty simple….At WrestleMania….if Randy has the guts, it’s Edge vs. Orton in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH. This is not a story that Randy writes, this is Edge’s story and it is a redemption story. And at WrestleMania, Orton will not get back up.


Here, WWE played the entire men’s Royal Rumble match. You can can read the Royal Rumble results at this link HERE.

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