WWE RAW Results (3/16): Stone Cold Celebrates 3:16 Day, Styles And The Undertaker Make It Official, Edge Lays Out A Challenge



The Undertaker comes out first in an eerie way with no crowd. He makes his way quickly to the ring, gets in and flips the table right away! He flips chairs and starts to destroy things. He paces back and forth and apparently there is no contract to be signed. AJ Styles’ music hits…but no AJ. Undertaker continues pacing and AJ’s music hits once again….but no AJ.

AJ shows up on the screen…with the contract. He says that HE challenged The Undertaker to a match. They are at the performance center, where hundreds of prospects show up there trying to be just like The Undertaker. But its 2020, and the Undertaker continues to interject himself every time in WrestleMania season. And the fault is on Michelle McCool. She helps him dust off that old jacket and hat, walk down down the aisle, and embarrass himself.

Mark, the flame is gone. AJ says he should have some sympathy for the old guy, but it’s not there. And the reason is because he has twice stole victories from him. So he is going to do everyone a favor when he makes him….rest…..in peace. Styles signs the contract, and he asks Gallows and Anderson to take the contract to the Undertaker. They refuse…but AJ makes them both go. Gallows and Anderson go there and the Undertaker proceeds to had their asses to them before heading up the ramp.


The two jock for position and Andrade gains the advantage. Mysterio gets a kick to the head of Andrade, then flies off the top towards Andrade, but Andrade counters with a drop kick in mid air. Mysterio makes his way to the apron and springboards in with a seated senton on Andrade and goes for a cover, but Andrade kicks out.

Rey looks to bounce off the ropes again, but Andrade is able to hit Rey with a Judas Effect. He picks him up and looks to hit the Three Amigos! He gets through the 2nd one, but Rey reverses and hits a hurricanrana, sending Andrade into the 2nd rope. Mysterio hits the 619 and then his splash to pick up the victory.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

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