WWE RAW Results (3/16): Stone Cold Celebrates 3:16 Day, Styles And The Undertaker Make It Official, Edge Lays Out A Challenge



Becky Lynch comes to the ring and she talks to Shayna saying that nothing makes sense for Shayna because she sees Becky on Raw every week with the championship. In NXT she bullied everyone, but she won’t be able to to do that to Becky. She says that Shayna can cut through everyone, but she knows that she can’t do that to Becky and that enrages her.

Becky says that she wants Shayna to think. She wants her to think about how its going to feel when she beats her. She is going to prove at WrestleMania that her whole life is a lie. She is going to beat her, and it’s going to hit her like a truck.


Kevin Owens addresses Seth Rollins’ challenge. He says he accepts and he has been thinking about where and when. It is going to happen at the Performance Center. Seth has had the advantage with his disciples, but at the Performance Center, Kevin Owens has the home field advantage. Seth Rollins never spent time at the PC, but Owens spent time there, had his tryout there, and has made so many memories there. He has meant people that have been so influential in his career and he will never forget them. But he will make one more memory when he beats Kevin Owens….and he will do it AT WRESTLEMANIA.


THE GLASS BREAKS AND STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN IS HERE!!! Austin comes out and he has many beers in hand! Stone Cold asks if anyone wants to know what 3:16 day is all about, give him a hell yeah. Obviously there is no reaction. He asks again….and Byron Saxton yells HELL YEAH.

Austin starts to read off a cue card about what 3:16 day is, and Byron Saxton is rating every one of them on cards. Austin thanks him for his help, so he invites him in the ring. He give him a beer, and thanks him for his honesty. He calls Byron a Jackass, toasts him and gives a stunner.

Austin celebrates and Becky Lynch comes out with a cooler. She takes out some beers and Becky says she respects the honor of 3:16 day. He toasts her and the two drink to end the show.

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