WWE Raw Results (3/25): Ambrose vs. McIntyre, Who is the Last Man Standing? Triple H Agrees To Huge WrestleMania Stipulation!



Drew McIntyre is in the ring, and he tells the crowd that he doesn’t care if they don’t like him, but they WILL respect him. He says that one week is a long time to wait for an answer. He says he is going to appeal to Joe the man, the father, the family man. Think of his children. They already had to watch daddy fight for his life. Does he really want to put him through that again?

Out comes Roman Reigns and he does not look happy. Roman gets right in the face of Drew and says he accepts. He says that he’d better be careful about what he says or he is going to get punched in the mouth. Roman does just that! He begins to pummel McIntyre and slam him into the barricade. He throws him back in the ring and McIntyre delivers a low blow to Roman. Roman gets up and McIntyre hits a claymore on Reigns and then walks up the ramp.


Drew McIntyre is walking in the back and he’s confronted by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose tells McIntyre to give it one more try tonight, LAST MAN STANDING. McIntyre says he doesn’t know how he is standing right now, but he promises that he won’t be tonight.

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Natalya has the early advantage but Natalya knocks her down and then puts on a surfboard. Sasha breaks through and then hits Natalya with a meteroa. She drives Natalya out of the ring and Sasha follows. Banks hits Natalya with a knee to the face!

Back in the ring, Sasha locks in the Bank Statement! It looks like she is going to tap, but she rolls through and locks in the Sharpshooter. Sasha is writhing in pain! She rolls through and Natalya goes flying into the turnbuckle. Out of nowhere, Nia and Tamina come in and ruin the match and the show by interfering and causing the DQ. Beth Phoenix takes out both Nia and Tamina and Natalya and Beth Phoenix are left standing.


Backstage, Sasha & Bayley say that if everyone wants to take them on, they will welcome all challenges and they will take on Tamina & Nia, Natalya & Beth Phoenix, & The Iiconics.

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