WWE Raw Results (3/25): Ambrose vs. McIntyre, Who is the Last Man Standing? Triple H Agrees To Huge WrestleMania Stipulation!



As you’d expect, Ambrose starts off brawling and runs at McIntyre. The match spills to the outside quickly and McIntyre throws Ambrose into the barricade over and over HARD. Back in the ring, McIntyre grabs a Kendo Stick and he clobbers Ambrose with it over and over. Ambrose ducks another swing and sends McIntyre to the outside and then hits him with a suicide dive.

McIntyre comes back and grabs the steel steps and nails Ambrose with them. The referee begins to count but Ambrose gets up. McIntyre puts a steel chair in the corner and looks to throw Dean into them, but Ambrose counters and McIntyre is the one that goes into them. The referee begins to count but as McIntyre begins to stir, Ambrose jumps on top of him and starts the beatdown. Ambrose gets a table and puts it in the corner and turns around to McIntyre picking him up and throwing him into the table.

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Ambrose somehow gets up and walks into a Claymore kick from Drew McIntyre and that is all she wrote. McIntyre wins.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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