WWE Raw Results (3/5): Heyman Shoots On Reigns, Nia Pushes Asuka To Her Limit, Miz’s Mania Opponents!


WWE Raw Results

March 5th, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring and he is all smiles, which is a surprise after what happened to him last week at the close of Monday Night Raw. He begins by quoting Lance Storm, looking to be serious for a minute. Kurt is here to address what happened last week, and he calls out Triple H. He says that he doesn’t care if he is the COO of the company, he wants Triple H to come out and face him like a man.

As expected, Triple H doesn’t come out, but Stephanie McMahon does. Stephanie tells Kurt that Triple H isn’t even there yet. Stephanie starts talking about Kurt’s personal life, about his kids and his divorce and potential alimony payment. She starts running through his accolades but says that none of his accolades pay the bills. She says that Triple H was provoked when Kurt nearly ruined one of the biggest contract signings in WWE history. She asks Kurt to put it all behind them and be good managers to be able to put their egos behind them.

Out comes Ronda Rousey, and she looks to be all smiles as well! She comes to the ring and hugs Kurt, and shakes Stephanie’s hand. The crowd starts to chant for Ronda, and she says that she is starting to realize that the people who brought her here aren’t the people that she thought they were.

Stephanie says that she’s not like others and not like people in the crowd who just take orders, but they gave Ronda her dream opportunity and are giving her her debut match on the grandest stage of them all. Ronda says that she is grateful. She says that her contract states that she can choose her opponent, and she chooses Stephanie! Stephanie looks astonished, and Triple H comes out. He asks Kurt to do his job and clarifies that Stephanie is the commissioner of WWE, not an active competitor.

Kurt says that Triple H is right, she has a contract as the commissioner of WWE Raw. But she has a second contract as a WWE Superstar. So the match IS going to happen. But someone else also has a second contract, and that is Triple H. So the match is going to be Triple H and Stephanie against Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle! Stephanie gets in Kurt’s face and she goes to slap him, but it’s stopped by Ronda. Triple H gets in between them and then he and Kurt start coming to blows! Kurt tries to lock in the ankle lock onto Triple H, but Triple H pushes him off. Stephanie takes the distraction to attack Ronda from behind, but Ronda is essentially unfazed. Stephanie runs away, and in this distraction, Triple H kicks Kurt and looks to hit Kurt with the Pedigree, but Kurt reverses and locks in the Ankle Lock on Triple H. Stephanie helps Triple H escape, but Ronda grabs Stephanie and throws her in the ring. She picks up Stephanie and puts her on her shoulders and then hits a modified Samoan Drop on Stephanie!

Kurt and Ronda walk up the ramp celebrating to end the segment.

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