WWE Raw Results (3/2): Randy Orton Confronts Beth Phoenix, Major Title Change, More!



AJ Styles says he isn’t in a good mood, as he should be out here with a beautiful trophy, but someone deprived him of that…The Undertaker. He asks how people can talk about him in a negative manner as he is phenomenal. AJ then shows a video of Mark Wahlberg at a recent press interview giving him advice, telling Styles to walk away.

AJ tells Undertaker he is trying to hold on to a spotlight that doesn’t belong to him anymore, because that is his. Before the match begins, AJ says that Black didn’t read the fine print, as if he wants a match with him, he has to go through Karl Anderson.


Aleister Black starts things confidently, sending Karl Anderson to the outside as he then slides out, catching Luke Gallows in the process. He then strikes Anderson with a kick and stares down AJ. Back from the break, Anderson catches Black with an elbow to the head and then a spinebuster, but Black kicks out.

Anderson then hits Black with an uppercut, but Aleister responds with some strikes of his own, sweeping the leg to drop Anderson as he follows up with a springboard moonsault. Anderson then walks straight into a Black Mass!

Winner: Aleister Black


After the win, AJ Styles gets on the microphone one more time. He says he said something wrong about the contract, as he still has to go through Luke Gallows as well. Gallows attacks Black before he is ready, sending him outside the ring as he launches Black into the barricade and the steel steps.

Gallows then hits a big splash in the corner as he then reins down with several big elbows to the neck. Black eventually turns things around with a few big kicks of his own, but big LG throws some big fists of his own in the corner, however it ends with him being disqualified.

Winner (by DQ): Aleister Black

After that result, The O.C. hits the ring and just picks at the bones of Black, hitting the Magic Killer as they leave Black just laying in the ring.


The bell rings with Aleister Black not on his feet, allowing AJ Styles to simply pick at the bones of Black. Despite Black being beaten down, he manages to catch an over-confident AJ with a few kicks, but Styles responds with a backbreaker and then a brainbuster as he regains complete control.

With Black unable to stand, AJ leaps into the ring and hits a Phenomenal Forearm, and he opts to make a statement by doing the classic Deadman pinfall cover to get the win.

Winner: AJ Styles


Ruby Riott is asked if anyone could have predicted the Riott Squad splitting like this, Riott says people make and break promises every day. However, now the only person she is responsible for is herself, and this Sunday she will prove her ability to strike whenever she pleases, and she will prove there are no friends inside the Elimination Chamber.

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