WWE Raw Results (3/2): Randy Orton Confronts Beth Phoenix, Major Title Change, More!



Straight away Ruby Riott takes the fight to Liv Morgan, but she is able to gain control with a dropkick to Ruby from the second rope as she then rags at her hair, screaming at Ruby. Riott smartly avoids Liv’s attack through the ropes and sends her into the ring post, following it with a sharp kick to the head.

Riott then locks in a submission as she demands Sarah Logan to ask Liv if she wants to quit. Morgan battles out and returns the favor with several big punches of her own, but Riott then plants Morgan down to the mat. During the pin attempt, Riott is sent knocking into Logan after Morgan kicks out, leading to tension.

Riott then takes out Morgan again, but Sarah is a little slow to the pin which leads to Riott shoving Sarah Logan. However, while she does that, Morgan gets the roll-up and Sarah does a fast count.

Winner: Liv Morgan

After the match, Ruby squares up to Sarah Logan and shoves her, but Morgan bursts through and takes down Ruby once more. However, she doesn’t have time to celebrate as Logan then attacks her to stand tall out of the trio.


No Way Jose is seen with his conga line backstage and he bumps into Erick Rowan, asking if he can see what is in the cage. Rowan says he has just been waiting for someone to ask politely and says he is going to show them. He pulls it out and it’s a giant spider inside!

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