WWE Raw Results (3/2): Randy Orton Confronts Beth Phoenix, Major Title Change, More!



Before the match, Asuka says that Shayna Baszler got lucky tonight because she is injured, but Kairi Sane tells her she’s got this.

When the match gets underway, Kairi Sane tries to go for the legs of Shayna Baszler, but she just shrugs Sane off. Baszler manages to get hold of the wrist of Sane and she begins grinding away at that as she then gets distracted talking trash to Asuka.

While that happens, Sane takes advantage and connects with a huge slap to the face of Baszler. This only angers Shayna who ends up hitting a big spinebuster as she then stomps down on the leg of Kairi. Shayna continues to go for the leg, but Sane is able to cause some separation, only to end up caught between the ropes eating a big boot from Baszler.

Shayna then continues attacking the leg, stomping down on the Achilles of Shayna. Asuka then gets up and causes another distraction which allows Sane to go for a roll-up, but the former NXT Women’s Champion kicks out and hits a huge kick to the face of Kairi.

With Baszler dominating, Becky Lynch makes her way out and so Shayna dumps Kairi out of the ring to stare down the champion. Lynch heads to commentary and Shayna continues the match going back and forth with Kairi with a series of strikes and forearms.

Kairi eventually hits a neck breaker and she follows it up with the sliding forearm into the corner of the ring. Sane then climbs to the top rope but Shayna joins her and hits a gut-wrench superplex from the top. Baszler then locks in her submission finish and Sane is forced to tap out after a dominant performance from Shayna.

Winner: Shayna Baszler


Rey Mysterio says that Humberto will keep getting back up no matter how many times he is taken down, despite having to face his own blood. Rey says this whole thing will end when, and how they want it to end.


Straight away Humberto Carrillo goes for Andrade, connecting with several chops, sending him outside the ring. Rey Mysterio dives towards Angel Garza but gets caught and thrown into the barricade while Andrade does the same to Humberto.

Humberto and Andrade then work effectively together with a double back body drop as the heels begin to dominate Humberto. Andrade then hits his Tranquilo post but Garza stops Carrillo from attacking him while in that spot.

He looks to rip off his pants, but Carrillo does it as he sends Garza into Andrade, knocking him out of the ring. He Mysterio then leaps in to take out Garza while Carrillo continues taking the attack to Andrade.

Back from the break, Andrade has regained control over Carrillo, but he even though he connects with a big slap to Andrade, Garza rags him down on the ring skirt as he smashes his head off the apron. Andrade makes the most of the situation and launches him into the barricade.

Carrillo is then set up, sitting on the ring apron as Garza hits the ropes and connects with a huge kick to the face. However, Carrillo turns things around and finally makes the tag. Rey comes in with a burst of pace and drops Andrade with a massive DDT, which almost gets the job done!

Andrade then connects with an elbow to the head, but Rey manages to take down Andrade as Carrillo comes back in with a dropkick. He then stands up on the top of the ring post and dives to the outside, but Andrade moves, leading to him crashing face-first onto the ring apron.

After the break, Rey Mysterio is back in action and he looks to hit 619 but Garza catches him and attacks the dibs of Mysterio. He places Rey on the top turnbuckle, but he dives into the ring and hits a huge Canadian Destroyer! Andrade drags Garza to make a tag and he hits his spinning back elbow to take out 619.

Carrillo then returns with a huge missile dropkick, but as he tries to go to the top rope again, Andrade chops his legs away leading to him hitting the mat. Andrade follows it up with the double knees in the corner, but Rey breaks it up and sets both Andrade and Garza up for the 619, connecting on both men!

Carrillo then climbs to the top rope and hits a huge moonsault from the top rope to pick up the win after a brilliant tag match!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo

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