WWE Raw Results (3/2): Randy Orton Confronts Beth Phoenix, Major Title Change, More!



Beth Phoenix says she appreciates being given this time and she is here to give a medical update on Edge, but before she can continue Randy Orton makes his way out. Orton goes to hug Beth, but she wants none of that and instead, he wants to shake her hand.

She asks if he thinks she would do either of those things after what he did to Edge, and she calls him a son of a bitch. Orton sits on the top turnbuckle, and Beth says she thought she might see her tonight, and if anyone needs to hear this it is him.

Beth is here because she needs her husband, she is here as a mother because her children deserve their father. Beth tries to carry on but Orton leaps off the turnbuckle and stares down Beth once again. He says he knows what she was going to say, and he says it is a certainty that Edge will never wrestle again.

Orton says he owes Beth an explanation. Orton says back in 1999, WWE had a live event in St. Louis, where he lives. He says he got taken down by his father to meet some agents so he could break into the business, and at that point, he was just a fan and he lists off some legends who he got to meet.

He says the one man who came to his father to show him respect was Edge, as he told him he was one of the best bad guys in this business. He said his father introduced them, and Edge wished him luck and said one day maybe they could work together in the ring.

Orton says that years later they were battling in main events for the Intercontinental Championships and then they became Rated RKO, but he got too close to the sun and made some poor life choices. Orton says he dug a hole so deep he should have been buried, but Edge pulled him out of it.

Orton says Edge saved his life, and in return, he saved Edge’s life. He says after the Royal Rumble he realised that Edge thought he was back for good and he knew better. He knew someone like him was going to put Edge in a wheelchair or worse, and he wanted their daughters to have a father.

Orton claims he did it all because he loved Edge, Beth, and their two little girls. Orton says everyone blames him for what he did to Edge, but Beth knows that it isn’t his fault. It’s Beth’s fault. He says that she is an enabler as she did nothing to stop him or help him, so he had to step in.

Orton says when he says that he realises something, he loves their girls and Edge more than she ever could. Orton says the truth hurts. Beth responds with a big slap to the face, which leads to him staring down Phoenix. She then kicks him in the stomach and Orton drops Phoenix with an RKO.

We are then taken to the commentary table as the three men slam Orton for his actions, with Byron Saxton calling him a son of a bitch.

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