WWE RAW RESULTS (3/23): Brock Lesnar Returns, The Viper Answers Edge, AJ Styles Vows To Bury The Undertaker



Back to the WWE Performance Center now, as AJ Styles says he doesn’t care which night he faces The Undertaker, but he thinks ‘Taker might care. He doesn’t know what night his wife lets him out of his house. AJ says last week Undertaker had maternity pants on.

AJ references the recent photo of The Undertaker with a Tiger that has been around on social media. Styles asks who this man is, asking if he lost complete control. AJ says Undertaker hasn’t been the same since Brock Lesnar, and he thinks Michelle McCool as beaten him to taking ‘Takers soul.

AJ says he doesn’t want the Mark Calloway who is on Twitter, he wants The Undertaker from yesteryear, but he’s nowhere to be found. However, AJ says he is going to give the fans what they want – he is going to bring back the Deadman in a boneyard match!

AJ says when it is over, he’s picked out the perfect plot, which ironically, is the same plot Michelle McCool picked out when she buried his career.


Zelina Vega is interviewed backstage as discusses her client’s preparations. She says they will show tonight why they’re the most skilled team in WWE and after WrestleMania, Andrade will be the most decorated champion in WWE.


Before the match can even begin Andrade and Angel Garza attempt to jump Ricochet, but he manages to fight them off as his partner makes it down to the ring. The match then officially begins with Andrade unloading on Ricochet with a huge kick.

Ricochet then picks up the pace with a dropkick as he keeps attacking and Angel Garza keeps making mistakes on trying to tag in, distracting the official. That allows Ricochet to be sent flying out of the ring as Angel Garza then attacks him, throwing him into the LED board as The Street Profits head out to join commentary.

As we return from commercial, Andrade works the arm of Andrade as Angel Garza tags in and gets involved in the action. Garza begins lighting up Ricochet with a big chop and kicks to the back.The heels continue making frequent tags as they wear down Ricochet, staying in control of the match.

Ricochet keeps fighting though with a huge dropkick to Andrade on the top corner and Cedric Alexander finally tags in, picking up the pace against Angel Garza. Cedric connects with the Flatliner and chaos then ensues as all four men end up in the ring.

Eventually it ends up being Garza and Ricochet, and the former United States Champion catches Garza in mid-air with a great reversal dropkick. When we return from commercial again it Alexander bouncing off the ropes w to catch Andrade with a huge elbow.

However, as he looks to follow that up Andrade side steps him and that allows him to hit his running knees into the corner. Garza then tags in and he continues to stay in control, bouncing Alexander off the second rope and then dropping him face first onto the mat.

Andrade smartly swipes the legs of Ricochet as he tries to get involved and back in the ring Garza lights up Alexander with a huge knee to the face. Garza and Andrade go for a double team but Ricochet pops back up to stop it and flies out of the ring to take out Garza on the outside.

But back in the ring Andrade catches Cedric Alexander with a huge back elbow, which gets them the win (after an awkward count which seemed like Alexander was meant to kick out.)

Winners: Andrade & Angel Garza

After the match, The Street Profits hit the ring as the WrestleMania opponents brawl, with the champions sending their challengers reeling.

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