WWE RAW RESULTS (3/23): Brock Lesnar Returns, The Viper Answers Edge, AJ Styles Vows To Bury The Undertaker



The Street Profits kick things off strongly in the match as Montez Ford lights up Shane Thorne’s chest with some huge chops. However, Thorne finally makes a tag and Brendan Vink hits the ring and destroys Ford with a huge big boot and then several chops.

He then begins to dominate using his size advantage and Thorne then tags in and launches himself into the corner to attack Montez. The bigger man tags back in but he gets caught with a huge kick and both teams make tags.

Angelo Dawkins immediately picks up the pace taking down both men who end up in opposing corner as Dawkins splashes in each corner. That sets up the Cash Out and the champions get the win.

Winners: The Street Profits


We are then shown a video from this past weekend as Riddick Moss is defeated for the 24/7 Championship by R-Truth as Moss is out running. Truth pops out from the boot of a referees car and gets the win.


Charly Caruso is shown in the ring with Shayna Baszler who discusses how she dominated the Elimination Chamber and earned the right to face Becky Lynch. Shayna points out that Charly looks nervous, asking if she’s afraid she will bite.

Charly asks if that’s what Becky should expect, and Baszler says that all she should expect is losing. Baszler says she wants the title because she loves to destroy, and she knows when she takes the title it will destroy Becky Lynch.

Charly looks to keep the interview going but out of nowhere Becky Lynch appears and attacks her with several chair shots from behind.

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