WWE RAW RESULTS (3/23): Brock Lesnar Returns, The Viper Answers Edge, AJ Styles Vows To Bury The Undertaker



Aleister Black slowly walks towards Leon Ruff and then just sits down. Ruff tells him to get up and asks the official what he is doing. He ends up deciding to take a running wing at a kick, but Black avoids it, gets up and hits Black Mass.

Winner: Aleister Black


As we return from commercial Kevin Owens is in the ring, and he says last week he was here to answer Seth Rollins’ challenge. He has heard Seth is here tonight so he calls him out. Seth doesn’t waste any time and says he has some questions regarding KO’s comments last week.

Seth questions if Owens honestly believes fighting in the PC gives KO a home-field advantage. He says he didn’t train here but Kevin did. Seth asks if Owens got the opportunity to train and make friends in this building. He said that he didn’t because the building didn’t exist.

He says that this building was built upon him and his success. Seth says he was told his life’s work meant nothing when he first arrived. But he had to succeed for people like Owens to train in a system like this. Seth says that KO just continues to get in his way as he refuses to fall in line.

Rollins then claims that the PC and NXT don’t exist without him. He adds there is no Takeover or women’s evolution without Seth Rollins, but most importantly without him, there is no Kevin Owens. Seth says his second question is more important, as he wants to know why KO chose WrestleMania.

He asks Owens if he knows about his track record at WrestleMania. He then reels off what he has done at WrestleMania, and compares it to Kevin Owens’ 0. He says KO’s track record at ‘Mania is a failure, and last year he wasn’t even good enough to be on WrestleMania.

Seth says KO can’t beat him on his worst day, but WrestleMania is never his worst day because at WrestleMania…he becomes a god.


WWE now shows another older match with the full WrestleMania 34 match between Charlotte Flair and Asuka being shown.

After the match, Charlotte Flair is shown backstage stating she knows Rhea Ripley is excited for WrestleMania. However, she is the best at making history, whether it is ending Asuka’s streak, retiring the Divas Title or main eventing the show. Charlotte adds that she plans on winning the NXT Title for the first time in ‘Mania’s history as well.


The Viper makes his way out and he says over the last few months he has done and said some things that have been misunderstood. Randy Orton says what he did was from a place of love, but it has been taken as an act of brutality.

Orton talks directly to Edge now, but first he needs to get something off his chest. He says that three weeks ago he lied to Beth when he said Edge is a junkie for the roar of the crowd, instead he is a junkie for his own ego. Orton said last week when Edge said he never had to pay his dues rang true, and he knows it.

Orton says he was handed an opportunity because of his last name. But being handed an opportunity doesn’t guarantee a Hall Of Fame career. He points out within a year he was Intercontinental Champion and then World Champion, which isn’t being given anything.

He notes that Mick Foley didn’t pass him the torch, he threw him into thumbtacks so Orton spat in Foley’s face and took it from him. Orton says it all happened because he has the one trait that Edge claimed he didn’t have, which is grit.

Orton says grit isn’t sitting at home for 9 months asking “what if.” Grit is longevity in an industry that seldom has any, he says he looks around the locker room and doesn’t see anyone who has accomplished anywhere near what he has.

Randy says nobody has as much grit as him, including Edge. Orton asks Edge if he would have done the same thing he did in regards to joining Evolution. Once again Orton says he has done everything out of love, but last week Edge challenged him.

Orton says that Edge might be writing the story, but at WrestleMania, he will end it and write the last chapter as he accepts the match.

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