WWE Raw Results (3/9): Edge Returns, AJ Styles Challenges The Undertaker, More!



We are shown a clip from earlier today as Kevin Owens arrived at WWE Raw where he was instantly greeted by Seth Rollins and his men. KO uses his suitcase and launches it at them and the brawl begins, with AOP and Murphy dominating it, launching him into metal cages until some road agents get involved.


Charlotte Flair asks everyone if they saw the package (WWE just aired a package of Rhea Ripley talking about WrestleMania 36,) and she said it had her all fired up. But she’s confused because Rhea said in order to be the best, she has to beat the best.

However, Rhea also said she doesn’t want to be anything like her. Flair says Rhea is not her, she will never be her, because there’s only one of her. She tells Ripley to keep being the next big thing and enjoy all the hype because it’s not going to last.

Flair is here to remind us why she’s fighting for the NXT Championship, which is to teach Rhea a lesson. She points out its one thing to stand in an empty stadium and talk about dreams, but it’s another to be in front of 90,000 and be humbled.

However, Rhea Ripley has clearly heard enough and she is here on WWE Raw! Rhea tries to talk, but Charlotte says we have already heard enough of her, as she points out this isn’t NXT. Flair says this is her kingdom, so Ripley is excused.

However, as Flair tries to point at Ripley to leave, the NXT Champion drops the Queen with a quick punch, making her point as she walks away.


Straight away Bobby Lashley runs Zack Ryder down as he then launches him into the corner. Lashley drives into Ryder’s stomach and then continues his beatdown. Lashley once again goes for the attack in the corner, but Ryder catches him with a double knee reversal,

But…Ryder’s hope doesn’t last long as Ryder is planted down onto the mat as Lashley follows up quickly with the Dominator.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


Aleister Black is shown in his usual darkroom, but somebody enters the room…Seth Rollins and Murphy. Seth says that Murphy has told him a lot about him, and Seth has noticed he has been in a problem with the numbers game.

Seth says he is an expert at the numbers game, and he wants him on his side. Aleister turns down the initial offer, but Seth says he is either with them or against them. Black says those words sound like fighting words, and he accepts.

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