WWE Raw Results (3/9): Edge Returns, AJ Styles Challenges The Undertaker, More!



Drew McIntyre takes a peek over at Erick Rowan’s cage so he charges over but gets caught with a big boot. McIntyre sends Erick to the outside and Rowan drags him out with him, however, Drew has no problems brawling on the outside as he launches Rowan over his head to the floor.

Drew then grabs the cage, and then the steel steps and smashes the cage! Rowan charges over to him but gets caught by the Glasgow Kiss as Rowan is planted with a Futureshock DDT to follow it up in the ring. Drew then nails Erick with a Claymore Kick, and just like that he earns the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre


Before the match, the champions cut a promo Japanese, although eventually, Kairi Sane asks about Asuka’s hand, and she reveals that it is okay. Asuka says she wants to beat someone, and they say Alexa Bliss’ name, calling her a mean girl and a dumb girl, but Natalya then makes her way out to cut her off.

Kairi Sane and Liv Morgan kick things off in the ring with Morgan getting the best of the early exchange, avoiding Sane’s attack as she follows up with a dropkick that sends Sane into the ropes. Nattie and Morgan then hit a double suplex, but Kairi is able to kick out.

Ruby Riott then makes her way down to get a closer look at the match. She gets to see Morgan continue to dominate after the break and once again the new pairing hits a great double team, this time on Asuka. However, she turns things around with a spinning back fist and Kairi then attacks the injured arm of Nattie on the outside.

The Kabuki Warriors then smartly continue to isolate the arm of Natalya with frequent tags. The match continues with Natalya finally hitting a power slam to Asuka as Sarah Logan also makes her way down to ringside. The former Riott Squad members brawl outside the ring and Liv hits a huge crossbody from the top turnbuckle, taking both women out.

However, back in the ring, there is nobody for Natalya to tag and she keeps fighting alone, hitting a huge discus clothesline on Kairi Sane which gets a near fall. Asuka makes a bling tag and as Natalya sets the Sharpshooter on Sane, she enters the ring and connects with a huge kick to the head.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

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