WWE Raw Results (3/9): Edge Returns, AJ Styles Challenges The Undertaker, More!



AJ Styles that not once, but twice The Undertaker has stuck his nose in his business where it doesn’t belong. He says that Undertaker has taken two moments from him, first stealing a beautiful trophy from him, and then he cost him a match.

AJ Says three years ago he saw Undertaker get beat by Roman Reigns, and after the match, he left his gear in the middle of the ring. Truthfully, AJ believes Undertaker should have gone when Brock Lesnar ended the streak, but his WrestleMania 33 moment was powerful.

However, AJ thinks Undertaker ruined it. He asks the Deadman why, if it was the spotlight or his ego. However, AJ says it will cost him because he wants him at WrestleMania. Styles says 15 years ago, he would have been hesitant to call Undertaker out, but he doesn’t see a Phenom anymore, but he sees a broken-down old man named Mark Calloway.

AJ says he doesn’t know what keeps him coming back, but he thinks it’s his wife, Michelle McCool. AJ says Michelle plays him like a fiddle because whatever she wants she gets, despite the fact that Undertaker just comes to the ring and gets hurt.

AJ gives some advice to The Undertaker and says that his wife will run him into the ground, and he is going to help her. Styles claims he is going to make sure Undertaker is going to die at WrestleMania and do exactly what his wife wants him to do.

He says it is simple, he is challenging Undertaker to a one on one match at WrestleMania. Styles adds that the people don’t give a damn about The Undertaker, so he should accept the challenge, as he promises to put the nail in his coffin.


Riddick Moss immediately picks up the pace as he hits the ropes, catching Cedric Alexander. He then tosses Alexander out of the ring with a fallaway slam. Back in the ring and Alexander plants Moss, but he is only able to get a near fall.

Moss then charges into the corner and takes down Alexander, following it up with his neckbreaker finisher to get the win.

Winner: Riddick Moss

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