WWE Raw Results (3/9): Edge Returns, AJ Styles Challenges The Undertaker, More!



MVP says at this point in his career he is transitioning from in-ring competitor to absolute brainiac. He believes it is time to take others to championship status and to build his stable, he needs a solid man to build it around, a man like Edge.

He says Edge sometimes has a problem with focus, but with his guidance, he has no doubt he could guide Edge to being a champion again. MVP continues to talk about Edge as we are shown the Rated-R Superstar looking maniacal arriving in the building backstage.

He makes his way down to the ring wasting very little time and he instantly snatches the microphone from MVP and calls out Randy Orton. MVP then asks Ede what is wrong with him, saying his mental is off and focusing on the wrong things.

MVP says that speaking of the wrong things, how is his wife? Edge Spears MVP, but from behind Randy Orton appears and attacks Edge. The two men brawl and Edge drops him with an RKO! Edge then gets a couple of chairs but Orton slides out of the ring.

MVP then tries to attack Edge again and he locks in a submission, taking out MVP as he stares down a whole in Orton’s soul. Edge then hits an RKO on MVP who lands headfirst onto the chair and the WWE Hall Of Famer then connects with a con-chair-to of his own to MVP. Edge then hits another con-chair-to as he keeps staring down the Viper.

Backstage Charly Caruso tells Edge that Randy left the arena.


The two men grapple early on with both men reversing and trading different strikes and grappling moves, eventually staring each other down. Black sends Rollins out of the ring but then bounces back off the ropes to hit his trademark pose.

Back from the break and Seth Rollins has taken control, hitting the sling blade to take down Black as he follows up with a series of elbow attacks to the neck. Rollins goes for a knee strike but misses and Black begins to unload with his strikes.

Black hits a moonsault and then attacks Murphy who leaps up to the apron, and Black hits a big boot and then a suplex to Rollins, but Murphy leaps into action to stop things, ending the match. Rollins and Murphy then work together to attack Murphy and AOP then come down to help out.

The Viking Raiders eventually hit the ring to help out, but the numbers game proves to be too much, until The Street Profits head out as well, evening the numbers.

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