WWE Raw Results (3/9): Edge Returns, AJ Styles Challenges The Undertaker, More!



The Viking Raiders dominant Razar as the match returns from the commercial, but eventually the tag is made to Seth Rollins and he smartly connects with a forearm to Ivar. However, he then misses with a splash as Ivar runs over Murphy and gets power slammed on top of Murphy.

Tags are made and Montez Ford ends up on the wrong end of it as he is launched across the ring by Razar as AOP then begin to work together and dominate him. Murphy gets involved and he continues to work on Montez, but he eventually gets the tag to Erik.

He lanches Murphy across the ring and then sends Razar flying with a big knee to the jaw as well. But Erik isn’t done as he goes for a suicide dive, but he is caught and the two men staredown until Murphy leaps off the apron with a double knee strike.

As we return from commercial, Erik is still isolated, as he is launched into the barricade by Seth Rollins. But as he goes to do it again, Erik reverses and puts Rollins into the front row. However, Erik isn’t able to make a tag as his partners are knocked off the apron.

Rollins and his motley crew continue dominating Erik, constantly working behind the officials. However, he finally breaks through and brings in Montez Ford and he picks up the pace and plants Murphy with a huge DDT! However, after another commercial, the match returns with the heels in control.

Montex tries to battle his way out to his partners, but Murphy hits a belly to back suplex to stop him. Yet Murphy then begins showboating and he is made to pay as Ford connects with a superkick and in comes Ivar!

The big man hits the ring and starts cleaning house on everyone in sight. Montez Ford comes back into the match with a huge frog splash but Rollins kicks out, yet the Viking Raiders then charge out with suicide dives, leaving just Rollins on his own in the ring.

Seth takes out Dawkins with a knee strike but gets sent out of the ring as well and Ford then wipes out everyone! Yet when he climbs back into the ring, Rollins hits the stomp!

Winners: Seth Rollins, Murphy, AOP

After the match, Kevin Owens appears and hits Akam with a Stunner as he sends Razar over the top rope. He then connects another stunner with Murphy, but Rollins gets back in time to hit another stomp, this time to Owens!

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