Roman Reigns is backstage and asked on if he is 100% and he says he is. He is immediately attached by Drew McIntyre who leaves him laying.


Becky, Ronda, & Charlotte mouth off to each other and Charlotte starts the match. She starts by kick Ruby in the gut then hard tags Becky. Becky comes in and struts the Flair strut before dropkicking Ruby out of the ring.

Sarah Logan is in the match, and she extends the arm of Becky Lynch. Becky breaks free and jumps to the second rope then hits a shoulder tackle. She looks to get a tag, but Logan stops her. Becky fights back and hits a Bexploder. Logan tags in Liv Morgan, and she hits a Bexploder on Morgan. Charlotte tags herself in but Ronda HARD tags herself in. Ronda gets the arm bar on Morgan who taps immediately.

Winners: Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair

IMMEDIATELY after the match, Charlotte attacks Charlotte and hits her with lefts and rights. Becky joins in immediately and chaos ensues! Security comes to separate them but the three women beat the crap out of them too. Real police officers come and separate them, but Ronda doesn’t care and knocks down one of the police officers and they arrest her. Charlotte rolls our of the ring but Becky takes the opportunity to cheap shot Ronda and the police arrest her too. They begin to take Becky and Ronda to the back, but Charlotte attacks! They arrest her too and the three women are screaming and talking trash and resisting all the way up the ramp.

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The finally make it to the back and they put Ronda and Becky in the same car and the two start to fight in the car and eventually break out the window! Becky gets out and she and Charlotte start to fight. The officers separate them but Ronda gets behind the wheel and starts ramming one of the cars into another. Charlotte comes and Ronda yells out the window and Charlotte delivers a HUGE knee to the face of Ronda. They finally get order and put all three women in their cars and get out of there.


Strowman pretends that these guys are the SNL guys and just dominates them. He tosses one over the top rope and then the other. He says “get out of my ring”. Braun gets out of the ring tramples both men. He brings them in the ring and hits powerslams to them both then picks them up at the same time and hits powerslams to pick up the victory.

Winner: Braun Strowman

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