Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush are in the ring and asked if they have cause for concern. Lio asks if they’re kidding. Balor didn’t pin Lashley and they no longer have dead weight Jinder. Charley asks Lashley if he is worried about the demon showing up at WrestleMania. Lashley says that he doesn’t worry because it is a fairy tale. Balor is the Demon and the Demon is Balor.

Suddenly Finn Balor is on the screen and says that he gets it, and he has his demons. Smoke fills the screen and then dissipates and we have the demon king! He keeps sticking his tongue out over and over. That’s it.


Baron Corbin starts the match off early and the match makes it to the outside. Corbin slams Rey into the barricade and then tosses Rey into the ring. Corbin tris to rip the mask off of Rey Mysterio. He puts Rey on the top rope and then looks to slam him, but Rey flips back and tries to land on his feet but Rey tweaks his ankle. Rey throws himself out of the ring and looks to be grabbing his ankle a lot. Corbin follows and slams Rey into the barricade.

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Corbin tosses Rey into the ring and the referee continuously checks on Rey. Rey tries to come back hobbling, but Corbin tosses Rey to the outside and then hits Rey with a vicious clothesline. Back in the ring Mysterio hits a drop toe hold on Corbin and follows it up with a 619. He looks to hit the seated senton, but Corbin moves. Rey bounces off the ropes and trips up a bit which allows Corbin to hit the Deep Six and pick up the random victory.

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the match, Angle comes out and picks the leg of Corbin and makes him tap to the ankle lock to end the show.

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