WWE Raw Results (4/15): Superstar Shake-Up Begins, Rollins & Reigns Team For ‘Phenomenal’ Main Event



Zelina introduces herself and Andrade. She says that while Finn is extraordinary, Andrade is extraordinary himself. Andrade says in Spanish that he hopes everyone listens to what he is going to say. He is going to show why he is the most important because Andrade is on Raw. And what better way to show that by beating Finn Balor.

Andrade takes it right to Balor who hits a meteora to the face of Balor in the corner and Balor is rocked. Andrade bounces off the ropes and surprises Almas with a dropkick and follows it up with a DDT. Andrade tries to come at Balor but runs into the turnbuckle and Balor hits Andrade with a Final Cut. He goes for the cover, but Andrade kicks out at 2. Balor winds up and hits Andrade with a slingblade.

Andrade gets up and hits a cartwheel into a handspring pele kick on Balor Andrade climbs the rope and misses a moonsault but lands on his feet then goes for a standing moonsault but Finn gets the knees up. Finn goes for the stomp, but Andrade blocks and goes for the Hammerlock DDT. Balor reverses and clotheslines Almas out of the ring. Balor looks to go over the rope, but Zelina blocks. Balor goes anyway and Zelina ducks and Balor takes out Andrade!

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Balor throws Andrade into the ring and with the ref’s back turned, Zelina Vega hits Balor with a surprise hurricanrana. Andrade grabs Balor and brings him into the ring then nails him with the Hammerlock DDT to pick up the victory!

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas


Ladies & Gentlemen….Elias.

Elias plays an Undertaker bit, and he says that his music is so powerful that it brought the Dr. of Thuganomics to ruin his WrestleMania moment. He says his music is so powerful that it had the deadman rise from his grave. He says the energy is off the charts and that they could feel this all the time if the Canadians were good enough to make the playoffs. The crowd boos the hell out of Elias and he says that if anyone is going to show their face and interrupt him tonight, they’ll be sorry.

BOOYAKA BOOYAKA – Rey Mysterio is here! He comes out and tosses Elias out of the ring and he is sent packing.

Out comes Lars Sullivan who goes after Rey Mysterio. Mysterio counters and tries to take down the big man, but Lars counters and hits the Freak Accident. He picks up Mysterio and hits him with a sitout powerbomb.

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