WWE Raw Results (4/15): Superstar Shake-Up Begins, Rollins & Reigns Team For ‘Phenomenal’ Main Event



The Uso Penitentiary has come to RAW! Jimmy Uso starting the match against Chad Gable and Gable gets a waistlock takedown on Jimmy Uso. Gable starts to work on the arm of Jimmy and Jimmy tries to break free, but Gable shoots the leg of Jimmy, but Jimmy tags in Jey.

Bobby Roode comes in and he takes it to Jey. He and Gable hit an assisted blockbuster on Jey and he tags in Gable. Gable goes for a moonsault, but Jey moves out of the way and then hits Gable with a superkick. They knock Roode off the apron and then both Usos go up top and hit Chad Gable with a double splash! 1……….2……….3!

Winners: The Usos


It’s time for a moment of Bliss! Alexa says that it could be her last night on Raw, but she is going to welcome Montreal’s own, Sami Zayn! The crowd sings along and is HOT for Sami. He sits but the crowd keeps singing his song! They play his music again and he dances around. The music stops and they STILL KEEP SINGING! He sits again and he starts an OLE chant with them, and they ARE ON FIRE!!!

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He says that he got to see his family, and then runs down things that are great with Montreal…it’s just the people that he can’t stand. He says that it’s something in the air. He says he didn’t want to come on the show because the people project all their issues onto him. He thinks they’re disgusting and they should all be ashamed of themselves. He leaves disgusted.


Naomi is now on RAW. Naomi starts the match with Billie Kay and Naomi starts hot, but then runs into a big boot from Billie Kay. BIllie tags in Petyon Royce and she locks in a sleeper on Naomi. Naomi tries to reach for a tag and she reaches Bayley. Bayley takes out Billie Kay and then Naomi hits Peyton with a moonsault. She’s tagged in and picks up the victory.

Winners: Bayley & Naomi

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