WWE Raw Results (4/15): Superstar Shake-Up Begins, Rollins & Reigns Team For ‘Phenomenal’ Main Event



Strowman immediately starts to maul EC3. He throws him around the ring like a ragdoll. EC3 tries to head up the ramp and Strowman mows him down. Strowman throws him into the LED board then picks him up and throws him off the stage! The match never started!


Becky takes it right to Ruby and hits her with a headlock takeover followed by a leg lariat. Becky follows Ruby to the outside and slams her in the barricade and gets distracted by Liv and Sarah. She comes back in the ring and Ruby is able to take control with a dropkick, then goes for a backslide, but Becky hits Ruby with a chin breaker.

She picks up Ruby and hits her with a BexPloder. She climbs to the top but Ruby counters and pulls her off the the top hard. She hits Becky with a backwards senton. Becky comes back and throws Ruby to the outside and once again The Riott Squad interfere but Becky hits all three with a crossbody. She brings Ruby back in locks in the Dis-Arm-Her to pick up the victory.

Winner: Becky Lynch


Natalya says congratulates Becky and says that she is proud of her for main eventing WrestleMania, being the first to pin Ronda Rousey, & the first to win both the Raw & Smackdown Women’s championships in the same night. She says that she wants to challenge Becky for the Raw Women’s championship.

Becky says that Natalya is one of the most overlooked women in the WWE, just like she was. And the overlooked women would be coming after her. But as for the challenge…she would be hap….

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Out comes Lacey Evans who says that she has used her assets to curry favor and use her influence to get what she wants. So per the McMahons, it is going to be Lacey vs. Natalya and the winner is first in line for the Raw Women’s championship.


Natalya gets the early advantage and grabs the legs of Lacey Evans, looking to lock in the sharpshooter. Lacey escapes and rolls under the ropes. Natalya follows and takes down Evans on the outside.

Back in the ring, Natalya puts Lacey in the corner and starts to throw lefts and rights and the referee pulls her off, which allows Lacey to put her in the corner face first. Natalya grabs the legs of Lacey and puts her in the sharp shooter in the middle of the ring! Lacey starts to crawl her way to the ropes, but Natalya pulls her back and really cinches it in! It looks like she is about to tap, but she finds her will and pulls herself to the rope.

The two get up and Lacey surprises Natalya with the Woman’s Right hand. She climbs to the second rope, then jumps, turns, and hits a springboard moonsault on Natalya to pick up the victory!

Winner: Lacey Evans

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