WWE Raw Results (4/15): Superstar Shake-Up Begins, Rollins & Reigns Team For ‘Phenomenal’ Main Event



Lashley and Rollins start the match and Lashley tries to get the advantage, but Rollins kicks Lashley in the face. Rollins tags in Reigns and the two sweep the legs of Lashley and pull off a wishbone. Styles is tagged in and so is Corbin, who tries to go one on one with Styles, but Styles leap frogs Corbin, then hits Corbin with a beautiful dropkick. Corbin tags in McIntyre.

Styles smiles, but McIntyre points at Reigns, and Styles obliges and tags in Roman. Roman and McIntyre go at it and Reigns hits McIntyre with right hands before hitting a clothesline. McIntyre tags in Corbin and Corbin gets Reigns in a chokeslam backbreaker to gain the advantage. Reigns throws Corbin to the outside and tags in Rollins.

Rollins goes for a suicide dive, but is met with a big right hand. Rollins is able to tag in AJ, who takes out everyone, including a pele kick on Lashley, but he turns around into a Claymore kick from Drew McIntyre! Roman comes for a Superman Punch, but Drew catches him and throws him to the outside.

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McIntyre looks to hit Roman with a Claymore into the ring post, but Seth counters with a superkick, then runs back inside and hits Corbin with a suicide dive on the outside. AJ looks to hit the phenomenal forearm on Lashley, but Lio Rush grabs the leg of Styles. Lashley catches AJ and hits the dominator on him and goes for the cover, but Rollins interrupts with a curb stomp!

Reigns hits Lashley with a spear, and then AJ follows it up with a phenomenal forearm to pick up the victory!

Winners: AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns

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