WWE Raw Results (4/16): Superstar Shake-Up! Who Came To Raw? New Champ Crowned, 10 Man Main Event


WE Raw Results
April 16th, 2018
Coverage By Doug Enriquez For ProWrestling.com


We start the Superstar Shake-Up with Olympic gold medalist and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and the crowd is extra loud for the Hall of Famer tonight!

Angle welcomes us to the Superstar Shake-Up and Monday Night Raw. He says that it’s going to be a great night and without further ado…

Angle is interrupted by Sunil Singh, who introduces the newest member of Monday Night Raw, The United States Champion and Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal. Mahal comes to the ring and congratulates Kurt Angle for acquiring the services of Mahal to the A show.

Kurt welcomes Jinder to Raw, and Jinder says that he was better than ever superstar on Smackdown LIVE, and he is better than everybody on Monday Night Raw. He says that he has a list of demands. Kurt says he doesn’t know how they do it on Smackdown LIVE, but on Raw, we settle things in the ring. So he says that if he wants to prove he is better than everyone, he can do it tonight. Kurt announces that Jinder Mahal will be defending the United States Championship right now! He asks who will step up to the challenge?

Out comes Jeff Hardy! The Enigma comes out to challenge Jinder for the championship!


Jeff starts off with a lot of offense on Mahal, throwing him to the outside and then hitting a leaping clothesline. Jeff tries to get Jinder back in the ring, but on the ring apron Jinder throws Hardy into the ring post and then into the ring. Jinder puts Jeff into a rear chin lock, slowing down the pace of the charismatic enimga. Jeff tries to fight back, but Jinder throws Hardy into the ropes, hanging Hardy on the top. Hardy tries to get up and is met with a stiff right hand from Mahal.

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Jeff stands up again and hits a charging Jinder with a shoulder and then hangs him up on the ropes. Jeff tries to get onto the top rope, but is knocked down on the turnbuckle by Jinder. Mahal tries to send Hardy crashing, but Jeff sends Jinder to the mat and then hits the Whisper In The Wind on Mahal. Sunil Singh tries to interfere but Hardy hits a low dropkick, sending Singh crashing to the mat. The distraction allows Jinder to go for the Khallas, but Hardy counters into a roll up. Jinder kicks out, but both men get up and Jinder hits Jeff with a big kick. Jinder picks up Jeff and picks him up for a gut buster, but Hardy counters into a pin. Jinder kicks out, but gets up and is met with a Twist of Fate! Jinder is in the wrong place, and Jeff climbs to the top! Jeff gets airborne and hits the Swanton Bomb onto Jinder. 1…2….3! We have a new United States Champion!

Winner and NEWWWWW United States Champion: Jeff Hardy!

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