WWE RAW RESULTS (4/8): Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston – Winner Take All, The Deadman Returns, Dean Ambrose’s Final Match



They introduce Corbin as the man who beat Kurt Angle at WrestleMania. The crowd chants “A-Hole” and “Shut the F Up” at him, and Corbin calls them classy. He says that last night he proved that he is better than an Olympic Gold Medalist. He says he deserves a gold medal of his own.

Kurt Angle comes out! He makes his way to the ring in a business casual suit. He says that last night, Corbin was the better man and that his career is officially over. So he wishes him all the luck in the world….Bad luck. He hits Corbin with the Angle slam and then locks in the Ankle Lock. Corbin taps and Angle is left in the ring.

New music hits and out comes Lars Sullivan. He gets in the face of Angle and then picks him up and plants him in the mat. The crowd boos him and Lars climbs to the top and hits him with a headbutt, then leaves the ring.


Bayley charges at Alexa and she starts to nail her with right hands. Alexa leaves the ring and Bayley follows and gets rocked with a right hand. Back in the ring, Bayley hits a sunset flip into a powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Alexa rolls out of the ring and Bayley comes out again and Alexa gets back in the ring. Bayley comes at her and gets met with a DDT and picks up the victory!

Winner: Alexa Bliss


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The Man is here! Becky Lynch comes out with both championships. The crowd chants “YOU DESERVE IT”. She calls herself “Becky Two-Belts”. She says that all Ronda and Charlotte have done is say how they were too much for her and talk about their accolades but at the end, the woman that walked in with nothing left with EVERYTHING! The crowd starts to sing Becky’s theme.

She says that leaving home at the age of 15, she found that she learned to survive. But to Ronda, she says that when she is done sulking that she will be ready to do it again and slap her empty head off again. As for Charlotte, I’m sure the McMahon will probably just hand her the women’s Tag Team Titles. She also knows that she is a marked woman, which she respects the other women. But when they come challenging her, she will be ready to knock their blocks off too.

Out comes Lacey Evans who walks down the ramp then gets in the face of Becky. She starts to walk away but then turns and socks Becky with a right hand! Becky grabs her face then laughs as Lacey begins to walk back up the ramp. Becky chases her down and the fight begins! The two brawl up the ramp and Lacey tries to throw Becky into the LED board, but Becky reverses and tries to lock the dis-arm-her but Lacey gets away and walks to the back!

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