WWE RAW RESULTS (4/8): Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston – Winner Take All, The Deadman Returns, Dean Ambrose’s Final Match



Here comes……SAMI ZAYN!!! Sami dances his way out to the ring and the fans sing along to his music and start to chant “Welcome Back”  and “OLE”. He greets the crowd and said that if he is going to miss WrestleMania, he may as well return the night after. And he could really go for a match right about now. Who’s it gonna be?

Out comes the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor! We are informed that this match is for the Intercontinental Championship!


Collar and elbow tie up to start the match and Zayn pushes Balor into the corner. They go again and Sami wrenches on the arm of Balor. He gets a wrist lock on Balor and Balor continuously tries to fight out and Sami finally throws Balor out of the ring. He looks to hit a splash on Balor, but Balor moves out of the way and Sami springboards and lands on his feet.

Back in the ring, Sami bounces off the ropes and gets hit with a dropkick by Balor. Zayn gets up and Balor sweeps his feet and he hits a stomp to the sternum of Zayn. Balor hits Zayn with an overhead kick and both men drop to the mat. Balor picks up Zayn and then heads towards the rope but Balor catches him and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb! Sami hits the exploder into the corner then sets up for the Helluva kick! Zayn runs and Balor moves out of the way and gets hung up! He falls and Balor hops up and hits the Coupe De Grace to pick up the victory.

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Winner AND STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Finn Balor

After the match Sami gets on the mic and says that he can tell the crowd missed him. They applaud him but he says that he didn’t miss any of this or any of them. He says that this is a toxic environment but not because of the McMahons or the other superstars, but because of the fans and their ugliness. They are the evil overlords of WWE. He says the the right thing is not to come back and “SAVE THE WWE”,  he is going to prove them all wrong.


Ladies & Gentlemen…Elias. Elias comes out and raps for John Cena. He holds up three fingers and says the middle one is for Cena. He says that the next person to interrupt him is a dead man.

GONG. THE DEADMAN IS HERE. Out comes The Undertaker who stares down Elias in the ring. The crowd chants “Undertaker” and Elias slowly starts to exit the ring but he thinks twice and gets back in. He removes his robe and The Undertaker stands firmly in his yard. Elias gets near The Undertaker then pretends to walk away but then runs at the deadman and is met with a boot. Taker picks him up and hits him with a chokeslam then a tombstone.

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