WWE Raw Results (4/9): Bobby Lashley Returns, Paige Retires, Joe Challenges Reigns, More Debuts And Returns!


WWE RAW Results
April 9th, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


Well, to set the tone of the show, we start off with Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie makes her way down to the ring, limping and her arm in a sling. She gingerly makes her way into the ring and grabs a mic and the crowd starts to chant “You Tapped Out” at the Commissioner of WWE Raw. She tells them that she expected more of everyone, but she certainly didn’t expect this. She said that she expected some sympathy. The crowd boos and chants “You Tapped Out” again. She says that last night she was amazing and she surprised everyone and is deserving of accolades. She said that she knew what she doing the whole time when she challenged Ronda to show people what she is made of and deserves a pat on the back. Stephanie says that she knows that they want her to bring Ronda out and without further ado, she introduces Ronda!

Ronda Rousey comes out and is all smiles and the crowd just loves her. Stephanie says that last night the better woman won. She was spectacular and that she showed everyone that she is a role model for young girls and all people everywhere. She says that now that Ronda is a WWE contracted superstar, she can help her blaze a trail and put the WWE machine behind her. She says that she will be in her corner to propel her to new heights and the crowd continues to boo her, and the crowd starts to chant pretty obscene things, while Stephanie says that they are friends and extends herself for a hug. Ronda obliges and gives Stephanie a hug, but before she backs up, Ronda’s smile turns to a scowl and just like that, Ronda grabs Stephanie’s arm and takes her down to put her in an armbar. Stephanie begs again and again for her arm, but Ronda takes Stephanie’s arm and bends it all sorts of bad ways and Stephanie is screaming in pain and tapping out.

Ronda lets go eventually and referees and medical staff come out to help Stephanie out of the ring, while Ronda makes her way up the ramp. Jojo asks for respect for Stephanie McMahon and the crowd gives a chorus of boos.


Out comes the NEW Raw Women’s Champion, Nia Jax, who is all smiles and the crowd loves her and is cheering her greatly. They start to chant “You Deserve It” to Nia, and she couldn’t be any happier.

Out comes Mickie & Alexa come out and Alexa is on the mic. She says that Nia is a bully and she likes to throw her weight around, and let’s face it, it is a lot of weight to throw around. She says that Nia brutalized Mickie, so she had to wrestle under distress. She says that no one likes Nia, which is why she doesn’t have a partner tonight.

Nia Jax tells Alexa to SHUT UP. She tells Alexa that she is the new WWE Raw Women’s Champion, but Alexa is wrong. She does have a partner tonight, and her name….is EMBER MOON!

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