WWE Raw Results (4/9): Bobby Lashley Returns, Paige Retires, Joe Challenges Reigns, More Debuts And Returns!


SASHA BANKS vs. MANDY ROSE (w/ Absolution)

Before the match starts, Bayley comes out and makes her way to ringside. She is playing like she is there to help Sasha even the odds, but Sasha doesn’t seem so sure.

Sasha takes early control of Mandy Rose and Irish whips Mandy into the corner, but Sasha runs into a back elbow and then Mandy picks up Sasha and drops her face first on the turnbuckle. Mandy picks up Sasha and locks in an abdominal stretch, but Sasha is able to fight out and hit Rose with a dropkick, knocking her out of the ring. Sasha follows and Mandy hits Sasha with a big forearm. Mandy provokes Bayley and Bayley goes to hit Mandy Rose with a clothesline, but Mandy Rose ducks hits Sasha instead. Sasha gets up and Bayley profusely apologizes and there is a mini argument and Sasha gets back in the ring and is met with a knee out of nowhere from Mandy, and Mandy picks up the victory.

Winner: Mandy Rose

After the match, Paige gets on the mic and officially says that due to a neck injury, she can no longer compete in in-ring action. She thanks Daniel Bryan and says that he gives her hope with his come back. The crowd chants to Paige that this is her house.


Ladies & Gentlemen….Elias.

Elias as usual is playing his guitar in the ring, and he asks one question….WHO WANTS TO WALK WITH ELIAS?!

He says that within one year he has become the biggest musical act on the face of this planet. The crowd is over huge for Elias and he looks incredulous. He says that he was going to perform last night but was interrupted. He says he realizes that tonight we have nearly the same group of scumbags as last night. The crowd chants “WE ARE SCUMBAGS” and Elias says he’s glad they can admit it. He starts to sing his song and the crowd claps along, but Elias is interrupted by…BOBBY LASHLEY!

Lashley comes out and gets in the ring and goes after Elias. He hits a big neck breaker followed by a stalling suplex, taking out Elias!


Kurt Angle is on the phone again, and in comes Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn! They ask Kurt for a job, but Kurt says that they got fired for attacking their GM and Commissioner. Kurt ponders it and he says his tag division is full, but he hears TNA is hiring!

Sami and Kevin begin to plead their case, but Kurt says that he’ll give them an opportunity by having them wrestle each other and the person who wins gets a job.

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