WWE Raw Results (4/9): Bobby Lashley Returns, Paige Retires, Joe Challenges Reigns, More Debuts And Returns!



The Miz starts the match with Seth Rollins, but the Miz has second thoughts and he tags in Curtis Axel to start. Rollins hops over Axel and then hits a clothesline. Rollins tags in Balor, who tags in Jeff, and then Bo comes in and they send Bo and Axel to the corners. Rollins gets on his hands and knees and Jeff hits Poetry in Motion on Bo, and then on the other side, Jeff uses Balor to hit it on Axel.

Back from the break, Balor is in the ring with Dallas, and he hits a double stomp on Dallas. He is distracted by The Miz, and Dallas is able to take down Balor. Dallas is able to hit multiple knees to the face of Balor and then hits Balor with a suplex. Balor is able to fight back and he tags in Jeff and the crowd chants “Brother Nero” as he goes up and hits both Bo and Axel with Whisper In The Wind. Bo tags in Miz and Hardy tags in Rollins, and Rollins climbs to the top and hits Miz with a blockbuster. Rollins is hyped and he hits all three men with a suicide dive. The crowd chants “Burn It Down” and Rollins gets caught up in the chants and doesn’t notice Miz climbing to the top. Rollins interrupts and hits a Falcon Arrow. Rollins hits a curb stomp for the victory.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, & Jeff Hardy

After the match, each man hits their finisher on Dallas and Axel to finish the show.

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