WWE Raw Results (4/22): Seth Rollins’ First Challenger Confirmed, Bray Wyatt Debuts A New Gimmick, More!


April 22nd, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com


We are kicking tonight’s episode off with an appearance from Triple H, let’s see what The Game has to say for himself. However, before Triple H is able to say anything the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins also makes his way down to the ring.

Seth Rollins states that standing in the middle of the ring in his home state is surreal after everything that he and Triple H have been through. The Game then offers a handshake to Rollins and the champion continues, stating that he slayed the Beast and brought the title home.

Triple H then puts Rollins over, saying he walked in as a Kingslayer but walked out a certified Beastslayer and the Universal Champion. Triple H says that now the landscape has changed, now Rollins is the measuring stick and as Universal Champion, the whole world is gunning for him.

Rollins says it is fine if everyone is gunning for him, and adds that he will never let someone cash the briefcase on him again. Triple H says that is great, but he needs to focus on who he will defend his title against at Money In The Bank, which we will determine tonight.

There will be two triple threat matches tonight, and the winner of each will compete in the main event where the winner will go on to face Rollins at Money In The Bank for the Universal Championship.

Without further a due… Samoa Joe has arrived on Raw!

Joe says it seems he missed his invitation, allowing this to be a reminder that he does what he wants, when he wants, adding that he has arrived on Raw. Joe says Becky Lynch has a good concept with the double championship, and there is plenty of room for one more on his.

This leads to Rey Mysterio popping up stating that Joe isn’t the only former SmackDown star looking to make an impact, and Mysterio makes it clear that he sees Rollins vs Mysterio at Money In The Bank.

Drew McIntyre then pops up and says he doesn’t give a damn what these people think he deserves, as he has spent a year cleaning this place up and getting rid of dead weight without any title opportunities and now it is his time. Drew says the only reason Seth is champion is that he got to Brock Lesnar before him.

The Miz is the next man out, saying that the A-Lister is back on Raw and the more things change, the more they stay the same, noting that Rollins has something that he wants. Miz says he has had a reboot of sorts thanks to Shane McMahon, adding that he isn’t the same man that Seth remembers.

The theme continues as Baron Corbin then arrives, claiming he is the most deserving man to challenge Seth as he retired a legend, but Corbin doesn’t get too much time to ramble on as AJ Styles then appears as the final of the six-men who will compete in the triple threats tonight.

AJ says that everyone in this ring seems to have forgotten he is on Raw, including Seth. AJ says he is going to give the WWE Universe what they have always wanted, as at Money In The Bank it will be him against Seth Rollins.

The champion says that everyone is gunning for him, but he is ready and it doesn’t matter which one he faces, because he is Seth Freakin Rollins, and he’s going to burn it down.


Samoa Joe starts the match out dominating both men, but it doesn’t take too long for the tides to turn as AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio dispose of Joe who ends up outside the ring as the two babyfaces square-off, with Styles hitting a snap suplex which he follows up with a backbreaker.

AJ then looked for a Styles Clash early but Rey reversed it, looking to get a pinfall until Samoa Joe managed to break it up, returning to his dominating ways by smashing AJ across the ring, before throwing Mysterio out of the ring.

As we return from commercial, Joe is looking to pick up the win but AJ quickly gets involved to break up the attempt as he and the US Champion begin trading blows back and forth with a kick to the face seeing Styles eventually come out on top.

Mysterio then gets back involved and looks to hit a 619 but Joe heads out of the ring, to which Rey decides to join him, flying out of the ring to take him out. Rey then looks to go high risk against AJ, yet the former WWE Champion joins him on the turnbuckles as the two men brawl.

Joe eventually joins them and launches both men back into the ring in an incredible move that sees all three men taken out. Back from another commercial and Samoa Joe almost picks up the win with a huge clothesline to AJ Styles, but AJ kicks out just in time.

Mysterio then looks to pick up the pace and spikes Joe headfirst into the mat, but Styles was on hand once again to break things up. Rey then sets up Joe for the 619 but he reverses it into a Coquina Clutch, and he then locks Styles in as well as he reverses the Phenomenal Forearm, but Styles gets out of it with both Joe and AJ set up in the 619 positions.

Rey opts to take out Joe, which he does, but as he dives to finish off the move, AJ Styles catches him, plants him to the mat and then hits Mysterio with a 619 onto Joe, picking up the victory and progressing to tonight’s number one contender’s main event.

Winner: AJ Styles

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