WWE Raw Results (4/22): Seth Rollins’ First Challenger Confirmed, Bray Wyatt Debuts A New Gimmick, More!



Sami Zayn said that in the past couple of weeks he has been doing what nobody else will do, stating the negative truths about the fans. Zayn says that the fans have made up a rumor that he is bitter, which he says is not true, in fact, it is the opposite.

Zayn said that the 10 months he was away was the happiest time of his life, and he begins showing several images from his time away, showing how happy he was. Zayn says that he is surrounded by egomaniacs who are delusional, but he stated that the problem he has, is the fans.

Sami says that it feels good for the fans to boo him, rather than for the fans to feel accountable in their role for all of this, and he is making them responsible. He adds that he would rather be anywhere on earth than here, and he says if people have a problem with that, they can all take a trip… to hell.


Two of Raw’s newest Superstars lock up here with Cesaro starting the match out strong, dominating with his strength advantage and the Swiss Superman almost scores an early victory, but the former 205 Live member quickly develops into the match, showing why he is on Raw.

Alexander slams Cesaro down with a Michinoku Driver and then reverses an uppercut with a backslide, eventually bouncing off the ropes and hitting a big boot to the face of Cesaro. The former Cruiserweight Champion keeps the pace high as he flies over the ropes to take out Cesaro.

However, it doesn’t take long for the recently returned singles wrestler to destroy Alexander with one move as he caught Alexander with a massive uppercut as Cedric looked to fly from the top rope.

Winner: Cesaro

Backstage The Usos are shown saying how happy they are to be on Monday Night Raw, stating they are ready to line them up and knock them down. The brothers run down the Raw tag team division until The Revival pop up, saying that The Usos are the greatest team in SmackDown history, but this is Raw, with the two teams staring each other down.


Fresh with yet another name change, The Viking Raiders are back in action and before the match can even begin the NXT Tag Team Champions attack all three members of the Lucha House Party. However, The Viking Experience name has lived on, as their finisher is now being called that, which they hit on Lince Dorado as this beatdown comes to an end.


Curt Hawkins said he saw the two men go crazy, as he puts them over, to which Zack Ryder agrees but points out that they have been here for a decade and that they have earned the tag team titles and they won’t be letting two “woolly mammoths” take what they have earned.

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