WWE Raw Results (4/22): Seth Rollins’ First Challenger Confirmed, Bray Wyatt Debuts A New Gimmick, More!



Becky Lynch says there is something in the air tonight and she could sense it backstage, which she thinks is the Superstar Shake-Up as new challenges emerge. She knows who her challenge is, Lacey Evans. Lynch says that she doesn’t mind being sucker punched as she has thrown a few sneaky right-hands in the past but she does mind the person throwing them.

Lynch says she has made a career of slapping the head of blonde girls, saying that whilst Evans is in the back trying to further her own career she is here ready to fight. This statement leads to Lacey Evans appearing, who says she can’t understand why Lynch lets her emotions get the best of her, saying it’s because she is Irish, or perhaps because she is a man, who wants to be the centre of attention.

Lacey Evans says she will teach the man how to respect a lady at Money In The Bank, but Lynch says that Evans or… “an absolute plank” as she called her, is getting on her last nerve. Lynch says that Evans should not confuse her recent happiness with contentment, because she will dismantle her because she can

Alicia Fox eventually makes her way out and the advertised match gets underway. Lynch sidesteps Fox’s attempted offence and eventually sends Foxy to the outside, with Becky driving her towards the barricade with a double kick.

However, Alicia Fox managed to gain control of the match herself, slamming Lynch into the barricade which allows her an advantage heading into the commercial. As we return Becky Lynch is looking to retake control, but Fox rocks her with a big right hand.

However, that doesn’t make a difference as Lynch then hits a couple of Bexsploders, and then locks in the Dis-Arm-Her, picking up the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

However, there are no times for celebrations as Lacey Evans returns and rocks Lynch with a huge Women’s Right, following it up with a second one once Lynch finally gets to her feet.


That’s right, we have another name change (as well as some horrible sound effects on Ricochet’s entrance music), but Bobby Roode is now being known as ‘Robert Roode’ from now. Roode starts the match in control, looking to keep Ricochet grounded in the early exchanges.

Roode manages to sucker Ricochet in, tossing him out of the ring, but Ricochet manages to get the best of the situation, running up the turnbuckle and flipping to take out Roode in a brilliant moment of athleticism. As we return from the break, Roode has once again taken control, grinding down Ricochet.

Ricochet finally turns the tide with a massive dropkick and the two men then start throwing hands as Ricochet looks to pick up the pace. A big kick to Roode provides some distance between them which allows him to fly high, eventually hitting a standing shooting star press.

Ricochet continues to push for his highflying offence, but Roode catches him in mid-air, driving him down to the mat with a spinebuster. Roode then goes for the Glorious DDT, but Ricochet reverses it and catches Robert with a big knee to the face, which sets up the 630, which Roode moves out of the way from.

Ricochet rolls through the move but Roode gives chase, throwing Ricochet face first into the turnbuckle before hitting a Glorious DDT to pick up a major victory.

Winner: Robert Roode

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