WWE Raw Results (4/22): Seth Rollins’ First Challenger Confirmed, Bray Wyatt Debuts A New Gimmick, More!



Well, that was different. Bray Wyatt returned to WWE Television with a video package from the FireFly Fun House, showing a totally different character to what we have seen before, claiming that his old character is dead.


Baron Corbin starts out the match strong, with AJ Styles selling injuries from his first match tonight, with Corbin catching him with a huge uppercut before launching Styles into the turnbuckles. Back from the break and Corbin is still totally dominating the match with AJ selling his injuries like crazy.

Corbin attempted to finish the match early but Styles managed to roll through, attempting to hit the Styles Clash, but AJ simply didn’t have enough in the tank to hit the move. Corbin then hit Deep Six but AJ continued to fight through the pain in order to kick out, despite the fact he has been beaten down throughout this match.

AJ manages to reverse another of Corbin’s moves though, locking in the Calf Crusher tight, but Corbin grabs Styles’ head and slams it into the mat to break the submission. Styles then looks to keep the pressure on, but Corbin doesn’t allow it, however, he gets hung up on the top rope when AJ moves out of the way and Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm to get the win!

Winner: (and new number one contender for the Universal Championship): AJ Styles

With that win it is confirmed, at Money In The Bank Seth Rollins will defend his Universal Championship against AJ Styles.

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