WWE Raw Results (5/21): Stephanie McMahon Returns, Women’s Title Contract Signing, Balor vs. Strowman!


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May 21st, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We start the show with the Olympic Gold Medalist, the WWE Hall of Famer, and the Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. Kurt is all smiles as the crowd welcomes Kurt warmly and he gets on the mic and he welcomes them back. Kurt says that Ronda Rousey is in the house tonight! We hear that there will be a contract signing tonight between Ronda & Nia Jax.

Kurt says that there will also be a Fatal 4-Way qualifying match between….

Just then, Kurt is interrupted by none other than Stephanie McMahon! It looks like Stephanie has full functionality of her arm that Ronda Rousey nearly tore off. Stephanie recalls everything that happened at WrestleMania, but she says that it’s all water under the bridge and all is forgiven because it is best for business. The crowd chants “you tapped out” at her, and she says that she did and she will take ownership because she is a leader and as a leader, she wants to help Kurt continue his growth. She says that she will be the one presiding over the contract signing between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey, not Kurt.

Kurt says that he could always use more guidance. Stephanie agrees and says it starts with stopping giving Roman Reigns all the opportunities that he’s keeps undeservedly getting. Roman Reigns interrupts Stephanie McMahon and makes his way out to the ring. As we know, WWE is rehashing an old storyline with Roman vs. The Authority.

Stephanie says that if Roman keeps having a temper the way he has, maybe he should look for another line of work. Roman says that maybe Stephanie should watch her tone when she talks to him, and maybe she should have respect otherwise he will go to the back and destroy all her favorite superstars.

Stephanie says that she doesn’t play favorites, but she worries most about the revenue streams. Roman says “lets talk about your favorite revenue stream, Brock Lesnar”. Stephanie rolls her eyes as most of us do, but Stephanie says that the truth is that Roman lost his qualifying match, and if he wants to take it out on anyone, take it out on Jinder Mahal. Roman says that he already did.

Out comes Kevin Owens! Kevin says he is indebted to Roman, because without him, Jinder would have been in the match, but instead, Kevin Owens rose to the occasion and grabbed the brass ring. But he says that he is going to tell the truth and say what others think, and that is that he likes Roman. He tries to start a “thank you Roman” chant, but the crowd boos it out of the building. Owens says that Stephanie is right, she doesn’t play favorites and that even though Owens had issues with Shane and Vince, he is still positioned as the cornerstone of WWE Raw.

Stephanie says that he is right, and she is going to do what the fans want to see and make a match between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns, and it starts RIGHT NOW.

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