WWE Raw Results (5/7): Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches, Rollins Defends, Roode vs Elias & More



Roman Reigns is backstage and is asked about his mindset and he touts himself as the uncrowned Universal Champion again. He says ask all the people who he’s run through. He says he is pissed off and he is in control of his destiny. He is going to take back the Universal Championship.


Bayley is on camera and says that she is a hugger, and she can’t wait to wrap her arms around that briefcase.

Now a video package with Breezango, who talk about them being briefed on the case. But they are interested in the briefcase.


Goldust is backstage and tells Kurt that he wants an opportunity at the Money In The Bank contract. They are interrupted by Jinder Mahal who says he deserves to be in the triple threat match tonight, not Roman Reigns and that Roman continues getting all the opportunities. Kurt says that Jinder doesn’t deserve anything because he hasn’t won a match since he’s been back. He says he will consider a qualifying match if he beats Chad Gable tonight.


Dash Wilder starts the match with Titus O’ Neill and Titus shows his strength early, taking charge and then tags in Apollo Crews. Wilder is able to tag in Scott Dawson, who grabs the legs of Crews while Wilder takes advantage and Wilder and Corbin land multiple clubbing blows to the back of Apollo Crews. Dawson locks in an abdominal stretch onto Crews, but Crews reverses, but Dawson is able to tag in Corbin.

Corbin takes it to Apollo crews with multiple clotheslines, but Apollo Crews is able to come back and tag in No Way Jose, while Corbin tags in Scott Dawson. Jose is on fire and he takes out everyone. He sends Dawson off the rope and Corbin tags himself in, but Jose doesn’t realize it. Jose hits Dawson with a pop up big strike, but turns around right into the End of Days from Corbin, who picks up the victory for his team.

Winners: Baron Corbin & The Revival

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