WWE Raw Results (5/7): Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches, Rollins Defends, Roode vs Elias & More



Fast paced action to start, and all three women are trying to get advantage over the other. Ruby sends Sasha into the corner and hits her with a big kick to the midsection, followed by a headscissors driving Sasha’s face into the middle turnbuckle.

Ember Moon hits Riott from behind and kicks down Riott and then locks in a deep front facelock. Sarah Logan distracts Moon, long enough fro Ruby to take advantage, and knocks Moon to the ground. Riott drives multiple knees to the back of Ember Moon and then goes for a cover, but Sasha Banks breaks up the cover.

All three women get up and Ruby hits a combination STO/DDT on both Ember and Sasha Banks. Ruby locks in a rear chin lock onto Ember Moon, but Sasha comes back and hits clotheslines on Riott, and then Ember Moon hits a high springboard crossbody onto Sasha Banks.

Ember goes to charge Sasha, but Sasha gets on the top rope and hits a flipping plancha onto the Riott Squad! Ember Moon is not to be shown up though, and she hits a CRAZY suicide dive onto Ruby Riott. Back in the ring, Ember goes to the top and sets up for the Eclipse, but is distracted by The Riott Squad and knocked down by Sarah Logan. Ruby Riott meets Sasha at the apron and tries to bring Sasha in the hard way, but Banks hits a knee and then drives Riott this time face first into the turnbuckle. Sasha climbs to the top, but Riott counters and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope, but Sasha reverses the pin and the Riott Squad comes in and breaks up the pin and then proceeds to mug Sasha Banks.

Out comes Bayley to help Sasha! Bayley and Sasha take out Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, and Sasha gets back in the ring and goes for the Bank Statement, but Ember is perched on the rope and hits the Eclipse on both women and pins Ruby Riott to pick up the victory!

Winner And Qualifies For Money In The Bank Match: Ember Moon


Charly Caruso catches up with Ember Moon, who says that she proves people wrong and rises to the challenge.She proves that she is skill, honor, and heart. She is going to rise and grab that Money In The Bank Briefcase.


We get a background on Bobby Lashley, from him wrestling in high school, to trying out for the US Olympic Team. He got injured, but met Kurt Angle, and it wasn’t long before Bobby Lashley earned a contract. They show him becoming one of the most popular superstars, including becoming the ECW champion, and then competing in MMA, earning a record of 15-2.

Renee Young is with Bobby Lashley, who asks about Bobby Lashley the man. Lashley talks about his family and how much they mean to him, including his relationship with his sisters growing up. He says that he is close to his family, but now he has an extended family with the WWE Universe. Renee goes to sign off, but Lashley asks for a moment and they have an uncomfortable closeup on Lashley’s face while he tells his sisters he loves them.


Sami Zayn is backstage with Kevin Owens and he apologizes for what he did last night, but they will both be sorry if neither of them qualify for the Money In The Bank ladder match. He says that anything goes in a triple threat match, so he needs to know if Owens has his back. Owens begrudgingly says “yeah” and Zayn says “Don’t you mean ‘Yep!'” And Owens just replies…”yeah…” and leaves.

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