WWE Raw Results (5/7): Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches, Rollins Defends, Roode vs Elias & More



Roman Reigns quickly hits Zayn in the face with a big right hand and knocking him out of the ring. Balor and Roman go at it and Finn goes to hit an Enziguri, but Roman hits him with a right hand as well, knocking him out of the ring.

Balor gets back in the ring and hits Roman with a dropkick, and Zayn comes in and takes Balor out. Roman gets back up and throws Balor in the corner and hits multiple right clotheslines to Balor and then follows it up with a big boot to Sami Zayn. Both Balor and Zayn get up and beat up Roman Reigns much to the delight of the crowd. The WWE Universe chants “yes!” as the two continue to stomp on the big dog, and then clothesline him out of the ring.

Both men follow and fight Roman Reigns into the crowd and Balor props Reigns on the barricade and Zayn hits a Helluva kick, knocking Roman down in the WWE Universe. Balor gets up on the barricade and hits Roman with a Coupe De Grace. Balor celebrates, but Zayn ends their alliance and hits Balor with a big right hand. Zayn throws Balor back in the ring and Balor tries to fight back, but Sami hits Finn with a big Blue Thunder Bomb. Sami goes for the cover, but Finn kicks out. Both men get up and Finn hits a Pele kick, knocking Zayn down.

Both men get up and Zayn throws Balor to the outside. Zayn gives chase and runs towards Finn and Finn hits Sami Zayn with a sling blade. Finn runs towards Sami to dropkick him into the barricade, but instead runs into a big boot. Zayn goes to take advantage, but out of nowhere, Roman Reigns hits Sami with a clotheline.

Reigns tosses Sami back in the ring, but Finn pushes Reigns into the steps. Balor and Zayn fight in the ring, but out of nowhere Roman Reigns hits Zayn with a Superman Punch. Reigns sets up for a spear, but out of nowhere, Jinder holds onto the feet of Roman Reigns and Zayn runs and hits Reigns with a Helluva Kick. Before Zayn knows it, Balor dropkicks Zayn into the corner and then sets up for the Coupe De Grace. Finn Balor climbs to the top and hits Zayn and picks up the victory!

Winner and qualifies for the Money In The Bank Match: Finn Balor

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