WWE Raw Results (6/10) – Tag Team Title Match, Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins, U.S. Title Picture Gets Crowded & More



The roster is chasing around R-Truth once again and he get in an elevator and some superstars follow him in.


Michael Cole is interviewing Becky Lynch & Lacey Evans, Lacey starts to talk trash, but Becky says that Lacey never talks about how she tapped out to Becky at Money In the Bank. But Lacey is bigger than her and stronger but she can’t let someone like Lacey be champion. Because gold and dirt and found in the same place and they’re not equal. She says that Lacey made her lose her championship and made her angry because she’s all about championships and she won multiple and made history along the way.

Lacey says that she smells the feat on Becky and she reeks of it. She has fear and it smells nasty. Lacey says that she is done arguing with her and she will see her later tonight.


Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are in the back and Alexa says that she can’t believe how much of a master manipulator Bayley is. She says she is really not the kid hugging hometown girl that she makes herself out to be. She asks Nikki to be in her corner in their match later tonight.


It’s time for MIZ TV! Miz welcomes Samoa Joe to the show. Joe says that Miz shouldn’t be introducing him as the NEW United States Champion. Rey Mysterio STOLE his championship and Joe was afforded the opportunity to win it back. Miz questions the big “WIN” and shows the footage of what happened last week with Mysterio & Joe.

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Miz says that Mysterio was honorable last week, acknowledging Joe not having his shoulders on the mat, but Joe still had to lock in the Coquina Clutch. Miz then notes that Joe also called out Mysterio’s son Dominic. He says that it was disrespectful and he shouldn’t be talking about people’s families. Joe says that he assumed he was out there to talk about possible contenders to Joe’s United States Championship, but if they want to talk about families, they can talk about Miz’s.

Miz gets up and the two get in each other’s faces when we hear…BRAAAAUUUUN. Braun says that he would love to give Joe a challenge. He tells him to shut up so he can get these hands. He makes his way to the ring and out comes Lashley! Lashley says that he’s not finished with Braun, but he and Joe have history. He tells Joe that he knows that he is a contender for his championship. Lashley is now in the ring.

ONE AND ONLY. Ricochet says that he has had two big wins against Cesaro, and he wants to use that momentum to earn a title shot. Cesaro interrupts him immediately and comes out with a mic. He looks like he’s going to talk but he sucker punches Ricochet. They start to fight, but inside the ring the other 4 men start to fight as well. We get a brawl and the babyfaces in Ricochet, Miz, & Braun take the ring!

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