WWE Raw Results (6/10) – Tag Team Title Match, Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins, U.S. Title Picture Gets Crowded & More



We get chaos to start and the Usos flying all over the place. Jey hits a high crossbody on Scott Dawson and goes for the cover, but Dawson kicks out. Dawson looks to get up and hit Jey, but Jey nails Dawson with a Samoan Drop.

Dawson gets in the corner and Jey goes for the splash, but gets nailed with a kick. Hawkins makes the tag and nails Jey with another kick. Ryder and Hawkins hit a double team move. Jimmy comes in and hits everyone with super kicks! Jimmy goes up top and hits the big splash on Ryder and Dash Wilder grabs the leg of Jimmy while Dawson picks up the cover on Ryder to pick up the win and the championship!

Winners AND NEW WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: The Revival!


Bray talks to his fighting Buzzard and Bunny and threatens to get the Fiend. Bray proceeds to take the Rabbit, throw it on the floor, take a mallet to it, pick it up, and taste the “blood”. He says it’s delicious. He reminds us that he will always light the way as long as they let him in.


Owens gets the early advantage on Rollins, who has his ribs still taped up. Rollins gets a rollup and Sami distracts the referee, so John Cone can’t see it. Rollins goes to argue with Zayn, but Owens hits Rollins from behind. The match makes it to the outside, and Owens sends Rollins rib first into the barricade then hits a snap suplex on the outside!

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Owens puts Rollins back in the ring and hits a hard stiff shot to the midsection. Owens sets Rollins up for the Popup Powerbomb, but Rollins goes up and over! Rollins hits a big super kick, but Owens answers with a Superkick of his own! Rollins looks on spaghetti legs, but answers back with an Enziguri!

Rollins goes up top to hit the frog splash, but Zayn gets in the way and starts to check on Owens. Rollins gets down and tosses Owens to the outside. Sami looks to check on him again, but Rollins dives to the outside and hits both men with a suicide dive! Back in the ring, Rollins hits Owens with a kick to the midsection and then nails the Curb Stomp! Rollins goes for the cover…1…………2……….Sami Zayn pulls the referee out of the ring! Seth gets in the face of Rollins, and Rollins grabs the shirt of Zayn so Zayn disqualifies him!

Rollins starts to pummel Zayn, but Baron Corbin comes out and starts to stomp away on Rollins. Corbin grabs a chair and tries to use it on Rollins but Rollins fights back and grabs the chair himself. Corbin flees up the ramp, but Rollins is not done! He starts to take the chair to Sami Zayn before hitting Zayn with the Curb Stomp, all while staring in the eye of Corbin!

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