WWE Raw Results (6/22): Four Championship Matches Take Place, Ric Flair & Big Show Appear, Mysterio Returns


June 22nd, 2020


Drew McIntyre welcomes us to the show to kick off what he calls ‘Championship Monday.’ Drew reflects on his tag match last week but says it’s time to focus on the future. However, before he gets the chance to carry on… Dolph Ziggler arrives.

Dolph says Drew is happy to see him as he says AJ Styles has been traded to WWE SmackDown and in return, WWE Raw got not only him but also Robert Roode. Dolph says nobody is happier for Drew to be champion than him, and he would hate to see him lose it until he got what he was owed.

Ziggler points out that Drew was here years ago, and he got fired, and he should have been done if it wasn’t for Dolph Ziggler. He says Ziggler brought him here and they went on to become dominant Tag Team Champions because of him and now Drew is the WWE Champion…because of him.

Dolph says he knows Drew needs a challenger for WWE Extreme Rules, and he is asking for what he is owed, a WWE Title match. McIntyre says that’s a nice look at history, and Drew then looks at Dolph’s past since they split apart.

He says without ‘Big Daddy Claymore’ Dolph has been losing a lot. McIntyre says it isn’t because Dolph is untalented, but he thinks Dolph has become an entitled jackass, which is what they used to despise. McIntyre says Ziggler thinks the world owes him something, but it doesn’t.

Drew points out that Dolph gave him the nickname of the Scottish Psychopath, and he asks Dolph to imagine what he will do to him and how far he will go to retain the title. Dolph still wants it, so Drew makes it official, at WWE Extreme Rules he will defend the title against Dolph Ziggler.


Nia Jax makes her way down to the ring and instantly demands a chair, setting it up in the middle of the ring as she sits down. Nia says it must be Monday, because Charlotte went “Woo” and got a title match, meanwhile she was cheated out of the title at WWE Backlash and again last week.

However, WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth doesn’t seem to care about Jax’s complaints as he makes his way rapping to the ring. Truth tells Jax he is supposed to be having a match now against the evil leader of a ninja clan, Akira Tozawa.

Truth then questions if Nia is actually Tozawa, but he then appears at the commentary desk as the ring is surrounded by ninjas, with Truth running away. With the focus back on Nia, Charlotte Flair then makes her way out from the back.

Flair says that Nia dropped the ball with her last two title matches and now she is throwing a hissy fit. Meanwhile, Nia says Charlotte gets her opportunities because of her father, but Charlotte says Ric’s new title is Charlotte Flair’s dad.

Nia calls her delusional and Charlotte says yes because it was her dad who beat Asuka to end her undefeated record. However, Nia points out that Charlotte has never beaten her, and the one time they wrestled, she dominated the Queen and since then, Flair has been avoiding her.

Nia says the one woman who can take her crown is her, and this leads to Flair snapping as the two women brawl as officials try to pull them apart.

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